Gadzooks!  Eureka!  That’s genius!

Have you ever been given advice or learned something new that was completely mind-blowing to you?  Have you ever found an invention that you thought was genius?  Have you ever realized something that you found to help you and in turn felt like shouting Woo Hoo!?!

My life opened up in sparkling rare form when I began my journey spiritually.  I realized the genius in simplicity, kindness and love.  I had always known that I thought differently than others around me.  I saw things that others missed.  I had a knowing that I couldn’t explain why or how I knew what I knew.

For example, back in the olden days before caller ID or even message machines, I often had a feeling just before the phone would ring and I would often know who it was.  My family laughed when I told them, disbelieving my gift.  So after awhile, I just stayed quiet.  I didn’t try to expand the gift of knowing.  Instead I put my intuition on a shelf and let it get dusty from non-use.

I also experienced deja vu from a young age and would recognize strangers’ faces or maybe even their souls, but not be able to place how I knew them.  This caused unrest in me when I felt darkness in them.  But how do you explain that to others without sounding crazy or fearful?

It’s just in the last few years that I have begun to re-emerge by allowing my gifts to blossom again.  Feeling safe to do so has done wonders for the expansion of my spiritual toolbox.  Finding like-minded people has helped too.  I am pretty much an open book when given the opportunity to shine so I have begun to show myself a bit more slowly.

Empathy comes easily to me, probably I have too much empathy if the truth be known, by giving more than the chances needed to others who may not have deserved them.  Seeing how they felt when duality was evident has caused me much pain.  I have always wanted to see the good, the essence of good in people.  Forgiveness for myself and others has been healing to me.  I am not a perfect being though.  In a few situations, I’m still rough around the edges on certain points at this juncture in my life.  But, time is healing my wounded soul.

I enjoy bonding with others who are courageous enough to be vulnerable and to allow their heartlight to shine.  Closed-minded people who hold superficiality above all do not interest me.  It is with love and light that I surround myself now.

And that to me, is genius!

Shine On!





10 thoughts on “Genius!

  1. The beauty of self love Misifusa. And I also finally realised (a yahoo moment 😀 ), that as I dealt with my fears, my empathy rose exponentially…but…that drag from others diminished. It was only my fears that were keeping me in that mode of being drained when I was around others.
    It was a blessing to understand that, because as you know, being around others, especially when helping others who are going through a torrid time, can keep us in that drained state.
    But in hind site, it is being in that very circumstance that is the teacher for us. we help to ‘heal’ others and see that we must apply that healing to ourselves. Those around us mirror ‘us’ back 😀
    Great post, thank you for sharing that love you have created ❤

    • Mark, you write so eloquently and I heartily agree with you. When we help to heal others, we are indeed helping to heal ourselves as well. Love to you and your beautiful heart. ♥

  2. Well, Alleluia! We be kindred souls, Misifusa! I too hid for a LONG time having been punished for exhibiting that what comes natural to me. It feels wonderful to just be myself with another, without thought as to “oh I cannot say that” or “I have to watch how I word this”. I’ve gotten so sensitive I now have a very strict diet and at times (by listening to my Heart) must avoid crowds. You are by far from crazy cause but if you are then I am too. LOL So you be in good company. Wipe that dust off and keep on shining. This world needs HEART and Truth and Love and Compassion and Empathy. Hubby for years mocked me or I would make him uncomfortable but today he finally gets it yep I’m different and live by a different rhythm then most people live by. My last guard fell from off my Heart after my best friend for more then one year demanded full entrance into my Heart. Now that it is down there is no going back. I dance for JOY when I meet someone who brings that spark into my being … when we both just light up. I’m so glad you are showing your true self!!! I say good for you! And yes it does take courage!!! (((HUGS))) Amy🌹

  3. I’m glad you are coming back into yourself and opening back up. I’ve always been quiet about so much but my children get the full force of who I really am and embrace it. You learn who you can trust with your truth. I agree about forgiveness but I’m careful to not let those with negative intention into my field. Developing boundaries is vital to your well being. There are so many who are just not open and nothing can change that. I keep my distance. Being an empath means you must protect yourself even more vigilantly. Lightworkers have a hard job ahead but we are being called now. Keep your light shining here. Sending big hugs. M

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