What Do You Believe?


What do you believe my friends?  Our beliefs begin in childhood, nestling into our psyche right from the start.  Don’t believe me?  Have you ever heard your mother’s words coming out of your mouth for example?  Do you find yourself doing X (whatever example you want to use) just the way you were taught as a child, even when you know there’s an easier or better way?  But you can’t help yourself, and you continue to do it that way because that’s how it’s always been done?  Do you have limited beliefs in yourself because you were told that you weren’t smart enough or that you wouldn’t amount to anything?  Or perhaps you were told you could do anything, and you have?

Parenting before the age of 7 is paramount to a child’s self-esteem and belief system about everything, including themselves.  We may not even remember what we were told, but we know in your minds that it is true.  Even when it’s proven not to be true.  Why?  Because the adults in our lives told us so when we were children.

How’s that for mind-befuddling?

So the next time you are parenting, think before you speak or give yourself a time out in order to center your thoughts.  Your children are listening with minds of sponges and beliefs that you are creating for them for a lifetime.

Shine On!



Inspired by The Daily Post prompt: Believe

9 thoughts on “What Do You Believe?

  1. Before 7 or 8 years old is where our fears are created. Unintentionally those people we love and look up to ingrain those actions/reactions in our life, only because it is all they know from their parents. And because at that age we are so immature emotionally, our only way to react to any pain is to build walls and we then spend the rest of our lives removing those walls of fear.
    As you have said, it is amazing to say to someone…your just like your mom/dad…to have them react quite badly about it because of the pain it causes due to not wanting to be like the person they feel has hurt them. Usually a feeling of rejection or not being loved by that person.
    Great post Misifusa, it is a big journey to eventually be brave enough to look within and dare to face our pain…only then will our lives be free ❤

  2. This is so true! Thank you for addressing the power of adult “messages” on young children. Those repeated downloads really do lay their foundation of beliefs and emotions, commonly for a lifetime.
    Thank you again!

  3. I can so relate to this dear Misifusa, The minds of our young children as so influenced by what we are told by our parents..
    I will give you a prime example.. When I was 7 my young school playmates were discussing where babies came from.. I chimed in and told them they were wrong.. I did not come from my Mummies tummy, I was found under a gooseberry bush!!!! … 🙂 This is a true story.. I fell out with my then best friend.. who told me my Mother had told me a fib.. I stood up for my Mother as I believed what she had told me.. 🙂

    • Oh Sue, what a sweet story that I am grateful you’ve shared. Gooseberry bush, huh? 🙂 I send you love and light for your loyalty, your kindness and the beauty that is you! ♥

      • 🙂 lol.. thinking about it I was more likely 6 as I remember the class I was in.. lol but is is something that stuck with me, as it was my first fall out with my best friend who was the same age.. 🙂 xxx Keep Shining ON my friend xxx

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