Shooting Star Sighting And A Spiritual Present


Last night, I quietly sat outside on my front porch, gazing at the now barren corn fields across the street.  There are trees beyond the fields, but mostly from my vantage point, it’s clear sky and Mother Earth.

Suddenly from behind my house and through the trees to my left, I saw a HUGE WHITE STAR arc across the sky and begin to fall.  At first, I thought it might have been a plane as the vision was that big!  You know how it looks when you see a plane coming in for a landing, right?  There’s a small airport beyond the trees across the street at the farm where occasionally I glimpse planes landing and taking off beyond the trees.  But this wasn’t a plane!

It was silent as it arced and then fell.  Not like a small shooting star as I’ve seen and written about here.  Instead, it was bright white and big and as it got closer to the ground in front of the trees (in the cornfield), it seemed to fizzle into nothingness.  I sat very still as I watched it and as much as I wish I had taken my phone out to photograph it for it fell effortlessly and slowly, I wouldn’t risk missing a moment of the phenomenon.

I admit, I was awestruck.  Beautiful just doesn’t describe the vision, nor the most serene feeling that enveloped me as I watched it.  Suddenly a white puff about the size of my fist floated toward me on the non-existent breeze.  You know, like a big white fluffy feather, but in a ball shape.  It wafted past me and then behind my left shoulder.  I turned to look for it, but it was nowhere to be found in the darkness.  Again, that feeling of being cocooned in peace came over me.

I just knew I’d experienced a spiritual gift.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

It was most extraordinary and lovely.  I feel very blessed to share this with you today.  If anyone has any intuitive thoughts, please share below.  I felt like it was a sweet visitation filled with angelic love.

I hope you have a beautiful Sunday.  May peace be yours with every breath.

Shine On!




8 thoughts on “Shooting Star Sighting And A Spiritual Present

  1. Cool! The Draconoid meteor shower started last night. Best nights for viewing I believe are October 7 and 8th in the early evening and I heard they are best seen right after sunset and just before nightfall. I forgot to look last night although we had heavy cloud cover here. Sounds like you have the perfect viewing spot! I am glad peacefulness enveloped you after witnessing that. God is awesome!

  2. It was just for you 🙂 Sometimes that is all those moments are about, just God’s way of saying hello to us specifically. You describe it beautifully 🙂

  3. Ummmm…yes! I can see you sitting there and feel the peace that enveloped You!
    I was driving along the ocean road in Florida on new years eve a few years ago. A star fell directly in front of us…closer than I had ever seen. It, too, felt like time was suspended as it fizzled to the ground. I have never forgotten it…i know how you feel 😁
    Sweet blessings!

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