Shine On Harvest Moon!


The sweet harvest moon which hasn’t occurred in October since 2009 was present last night.  Did you see it?  Ours was cloud covered so I didn’t get a good photo, thus the above one which wasn’t taken by me.

Spiritually, there’s much to say about the Harvest Moon from The Power Path:

  A good day to focus on what feeds you and to nurture your desires. Practice spending time in both being and doing, gratitude and inspiration. There is also some good chi around this full moon that can either throw you into, or out of a situation, relationship, attitude or pursuit of a dream. Unexpected turnabouts could happen so pay attention and be present so you can roll with the punches instead of under them.

Even National Geographic has a lot to say about it!

When I hear the words Harvest Moon, I remember my Mom singing the song below.  Does anyone else know this tune?

Shine On!



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