The Popular Rabbit, Rabbit!


I have a bunch of popular posts which I could have never imagined would be the ones that are clicked on most in my stats.  Seemingly innocuous posts are the ones which get the most traffic.  Does that happen to you?

Examples:  My grasshopper one – you may remember, I found a grasshopper in the house.  Or the one about the owl who kept me up at night?  That’s another popular one according to the stats page.  Seeing a shooting star comes up a lot too.  The angelic ones do tend to bring traffic to my site as well.

I think it’s interesting what brings people to our blog posts.  I know that for me, I have been following many of you for years and it feels as if we are friends, even though we’ve never met.  Perhaps that’s the empathetic soul speaking now, but when you blog about something sad or meaningful that has changed your life, I’m there.  When I say I’m keeping you in my prayers, I am.  And frankly, I feel that when you write those things too, you are truthful as well.

Surely this probably won’t be a post you would click on, but I saw the Popular – The Daily Post  prompt and just wanted to write today.

Before I forget, it’s the first of October!  You know what to do, right?

Say Rabbit Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit!

May October be a beautiful month for you!

Shine On!


12 thoughts on “The Popular Rabbit, Rabbit!

  1. Thanks for the rabbit, rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit lesson. I’ve never heard of it even after living in many countries and hearing many languages with variations on English. I have started today by putting it into practice, bringing confusion and amusement to many.
    Until next month,

  2. I forgot to say White Rabbit Yesterday Misi… and yes, its strange how those posts you would never think get the most views.. I have a small short story called Escape.. and it is visited often… Maybe that is what we are all trying to do LOL.. ‘Escape’!! 🙂
    Have a great week.. Much Love xxx

  3. I giggle every time I read the words Rabbit Rabbit in your posts. You could say that every single day, and I would love it just as much every time!

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