Franzisca’s Box Book Review


I spent the whole day on the couch reading this book today.  I couldn’t put it down quite frankly.  It’s rare for me to not read a book over a period of time, but this one was great and I was intrigued the entire time.  Literally, my plans for the day became irrelevant as I felt that I had to finish her book!

Personally, I don’t believe in telling the story of a book in a book review because I feel like it spoils it for others who may read it.  Also, the book jacket tells the story itself so you already know what the book entails (to a point).

But let me just say that Sandra Perez Gluschankoff has great talent in weaving the stories of many different generations of lives together in an unforgettable way.  Our world is a small one as witnessed in the relationships which emerge between characters in her book.  At once I was smitten with the humanness of her characters and had to know their stories.  She revealed them piece by piece in the most remarkable way and I am ever grateful to have spent the day with Franzisca’s Box opened on my lap.

I’m listed as Misifusa on GoodReads so if you’re on there too, please friend me!  I love to connect with friends!

Shine On!


4 thoughts on “Franzisca’s Box Book Review

    • I am honored that you posted my review of your fantastic book on your FB page! Thank you for writing it! It was most definitely a page turner and I am excited to read another one of your books! Thanks for bringing your talented writing to us! 🙂

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