How Do You Remember The Birthday Of A Loved One Who’s Passed Away?


This past week, two of my loved ones who have passed had their birthdays.  In a quiet moment, even though I suppose that after one has passed away, birthdays aren’t celebrated, I took a few moments to remember them and their kindnesses to me.

But it brings up the question, What do you do on the birthday of a loved one who has passed away?  Do you think of them?  Do you say a prayer for them?  Do you talk with them?  Do you feel anything from them when you do?

I often wonder if after we have passed away if we look down (because this is how I imagine it) and see if anyone thinks of us?  Do we have the ability after we’ve died to communicate with loved ones who are still living?  Would we feel that tug to let them know we are ok and that we’re here in spirit?  Would we still care about those still living?

I know people have had experiences with psychics as I have as well.  I have had experiences that are not explainable and I feel like they could be signs from above or from deceased loved ones.  I have had messages given to me that were spot on from a medium whom I met on a whim.  So I do believe there’s communication between the living and the dead.

I did say prayers and talked with each of them on their birthdays.  Maybe it’s my imagination, but I felt that they knew how much I loved and appreciated them.  At least that’s what I’m hoping for I felt a sweet peace in my heart afterwards.

I know for me, if there’s any way I could reach through the veil after I pass and let my loved ones know that I’m still here, still loving them and sending all the blessings my heart could give to them, I most definitely would – especially when they were thinking about me.

What about you?  Do you have any stories to share?  Please do!

Shine On!


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18 thoughts on “How Do You Remember The Birthday Of A Loved One Who’s Passed Away?

  1. I actually had a dinner party with several of my gal pals the first year (about 8 weeks) after my dad passed. It also gave us an excuse to gather around our friend whose Angel Baby would have been turning one that week. I definitely felt like he was there… with the baby. Part of me wanted to keep doing it (the man liked a party), but I let my fear of what others would think quelch it, so we just visit privately now… usually while I’m driving his car.

    Like you, I frequently imagine him watching over me… In fact, I imagine the group of them (your dad, C’s dad, and mine) sitting in leather club chairs with a coffee table that’s a flat panel TV, gridded like security cameras. They can touch anyone to “zoom in” and focus the entire table on any one of us who needs it.

  2. My father’s 96th birthday would have been today! He died at age 72. I always think of him and other loved ones on their birthday. Today I said a prayer for my dad and wished him a Happy Birthday in heaven. I have no idea if birthdays are celebrated in heaven but I like to think that they are. .

  3. I think of loved ones who have transitioned on, whether they be human or of the pet kind very often and I talk to them when I do – not just on birthdays or other specific dates. Sometimes I have the blessing of dream time with them and I cherish that. I don’t believe our loved ones never truly leave us, they just change form on their way back to us again. What hurts the most about death for me is loved ones no longer being in their former tangible forms! I miss their familiar faces, their voices, their hugs, how they smell and the light in their eyes when they smile. I’m left with the comfort of finding fragments of them in nature like when a butterfly or other insect lands on my hand and just seems to be enjoying the company or hearing their voices in the whispering leaves. Great topic misifusa! Hugs and light to you!

    • Love and light to you Saymber. I agree with you. I talk to my pets who have passed as well as the humans whom I loved. I agree, it’s the hugs etc. that I miss as well. Thanks for sharing xoxo

  4. I still talk to my mother even though we had a strained relationship. When she wants to talk to me, she hides obvious things in my sewing room and if I put on some German music for her, she puts it back right under my hand. Don’t ask me how it happens, it just does. I mark the date of each birthday in my journal to acknowledge them and write that I miss them. That includes 2 deceased husbands, father and others I have lost. On occasion, my daughter and I have gone to a German restaurant for mom’s birthday and have a beer in her honor. They get through the veil easier than we do. Our energy is too dense but sometimes we can sense their presence. I so understand what you are saying here.

    • Thanks Marlene! I love that you and your Mom have a better relationship now. I think you are right that they do their best to communicate with us. I love how she hides things and puts them back under your hand! How delightful! xoxo Thanks for sharing your story with me ♥

  5. I do the same. It’s always bittersweet and that familiar ache becomes more pronounced even years later, but I appreciate that sense of interconnectedness that stays years after those we love have gone.

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