Things That Go Bump In The House


It happens occasionally here in the farmhouse.  It happens during the day as well as night.  Little noises that bump for no reason.  There’s nothing there and yet, from the other side of the house or from seemingly the rooftop, there’s an audible bump.  When I go into the room from which the sound emanated, there’s nothing amiss.  Nothing has fallen, all is as I left it, undisturbed.  And yet, the bumps continue.

And all the while, the cats are in the room with me so it’s not them.  Yet, they hear the bump noises and their ears perk up.  Many times they raise their heads in the direction of the noise as if to see the unseen.  Few times will they independently get up to see what is going on.  If I get up to investigate, sometimes one or both will accompany me.  I imagine they are thinking,  Go on Mom!  We’ve got your back, but you go first!  What is that noise that dared to wake us from our catnap?

Inevitably, we go in search of the cause of the bump noise, only to be stymied by the utter lack of forthcoming information.  There’s no earthly reason and nothing is different.  It’s not like the noises are routine either, although they are getting to be routine.  Routine as in I hear them every once in awhile, but not cyclical or in a definitive rhythm like something turns on and off.  You know that sound, right?  It’s not that at all.  It’s like someone or something bumped into something else.  Not loud like crashing.  Not scratching noises either.  Just an occasional bump as if something small fell.  Yet nothing is amiss or moved that I can tell.

So it brings me to the question of if we have ghosts here or maybe a settling house?  It is strange to me that the noises have increased since the eclipse.  I wonder if that has anything to do with it?  Or if it is simply a coincidence?  Or maybe those geese are landing on my roof???  But that wouldn’t explain the inside noises.

Any intuitive information you may have would be greatly appreciated.

Shine On!



5 thoughts on “Things That Go Bump In The House

  1. I love the way the universe continues to offer reminders that there is more to life than what we think, or that we think we know. More and more often, I’ve allowed myself to simply wonder, dropping the habit of needing a label or casting judgement. Are these noises some sort of message or lesson, or are they simply noises?
    Keep listening and let us all know what you discover.

    • Oh Vincent! Thank you for the reminder. Honestly, I’m just curious right now. The other day, the bumps were more often. Today, not a peep from them! I like the way you think and I will do as you’ve suggested and simply keep listening and noting more about them. I really appreciate your taking time to write to me. Have a lovely day. I will write more as it is revealed. 🙂

  2. Probably the house settling from day and night temperatures as it expands in the heat and shrinks in the cool. Whether a brick or wood building, and especially if its a tin roof, it always happens.
    Mind you, if it starts talking to you or the cats, you may have to change that answer 😀

    • No tin roof, but brick/wood building. I will be watchful and let you all know if anything else happens! In the meantime, it’s been pretty quiet for now. 🙂 Thanks for the help!

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