By An Accidental Butt Dial, I Got An Important Message


I heard my phone ringing, but I didn’t reach it before it went to voicemail.  When I listened to the message from the person, I realized that they had called me in error.  Normally, when I can tell that someone didn’t know they were leaving a message, I simply delete.  But something made me listen to the full message.   I overheard their full conversation clearly and it was eye-opening.

Because they remarked about me and not in a nice way.

So please be careful with your phones.  This is not the first time I’ve been butt dialed and overheard a conversation not meant for me and it may not be the last.

Has this ever happened to you?

There are gifts in the Universe that come through technology, like this one.  Surely we’ve all had times when our computer doesn’t let us do something only to find out that it was a gift that we didn’t send that email or buy that new dress.  Ha Ha!  There are times when we are delayed by stop lights, only to find that we have missed an accident up ahead.  Sometimes we are protected by technology and sometimes we learn from it.

The Universe delivers messages to us by all different channels when we are aware.  What we may deem coincidence or synchronicity is a clear message to help us along the way and to reveal the truth.

Knowledge is power, even when it hurts.

Shine On!






16 thoughts on “By An Accidental Butt Dial, I Got An Important Message

  1. I’d rather hear that kind of message than live in blissful ignorance. Nice of the universe to clarify where you stood without a confrontation. Sorry you have people like that in your life.

    • Thanks Karel. You are so right that I am grateful that I know without confrontation. Makes it easier to just let the relationship slip away quietly without fanfare. ♥

  2. Your angels were certainly watching out for you and serving you up some helpful information! And yes, I have received e-mails accidentally, but none that had to do with me. I’m sorry you were hurt, but so happy you see it as a gift! You are always so positive!!

    • Thank you! I try to see the other side of the reason why I was given this information. Frankly, it was freeing to me. Your understanding is appreciated.

  3. I’ve not had that exact experience but I agree, there are no accidents. There is a lot of synchronicity going on out there to help if we pay attention to it. I don’t know many people and don’t care anymore what they think of me but like you, I’d want to know.

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