Ants, Wasps and Mice, Oh My!


Today’s Daily Prompt about PESTS fits my situation perfectly so I couldn’t resist!  I love Mother Nature’s creatures, but only when they are outside and not inside my home.  A few errant visitors are tolerable when I figure they could have gotten lost and wandered into my home for a short visit.  With the exception of mice, I’m not afraid of pests.  We have two cats, so we are used to things that go bump in the night. LOL

However, my new abode was sadly abandoned for a bit before the landlords entered the picture and fixed it up and then, I moved in.  I guess creatures big and small moved in when the humans moved out and it’s been a bit of a journey convincing them that the new human inhabitants are here to stay for awhile and their squatters rights have been removed.  Sadly I don’t speak mouse, ant or wasp languages so I had no way to convince them that they needed to move on.  To say it’s been frustrating and quite frankly, yucky is an understatement.

But time heals, even in pest situations and they are becoming less of a nuisance which is good for me.  No longer is my toothbrush covered in a hundred ants when I open the medicine cabinet nor is the Tupperware container filled with chocolate Lucky Charms alive with extra ant crunchies.  This is what I mean by yucky, don’t you agree?

The wasps seem to have moved away now as well which helps, but the mice, well, I think they are still hanging around unfortunately.  Sure, I’m a big fan of Minnie & Mickey Mouse, but not in my house!  Our cats are such divas that they wouldn’t know what to do if they came face to face with one.  Because they aren’t outside cats, I think they would be clueless since real mice don’t smell like the catnip mice-shaped toys that they play with at home.

It’s all a transition here – ups and downs like a roller coaster – but I can now start counting more ups than downs for which I’m grateful.  I do worry though that the mice are in the fireplace at night as the cats seem to gaze into the darkness often when it’s quiet.  So far, no mice have stepped on the glue paper which is a relief to me because honestly, if I awoke one morning to one stuck there flailing, I’m not sure I could deal with it!  YIKES!

Ok, enough about my pest situation!  I hope you have a pest free day yourselves and enjoy this lovely Saturday!

Shine On!


P.S.  Those of you who are wondering, this isn’t a photo of my actual home!



10 thoughts on “Ants, Wasps and Mice, Oh My!

  1. With the outside conditions changing and being so difficult these days the insects and all the other life forms out there are doing whatever they can to survive whether we like it or not. I had to deal with a horde of ants, mosquitos and gnats myself this morning! It’s so hard not to get annoyed with them but if I step back and what life is like for them, I guess I’d be going for the easy meal too lol.

  2. I totally understand with creatures bothering me once they come inside. I am not really a fan of wasps (indoors or out) – I had a traumatizing experience as a kid..! But we get lots of ants in the food pantry and shower. They are often walking on the shower curtain as I’m sudsing up..they do no harm though. I hope the pests don’t come back! and the mice stay in the floorboards

    check out my post on pests if you want 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by! Love your blog too. Thanks for your wishes! I hope that the mice find a new place to play – the other pests I can deal with! LOL

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