A Honeybee Came To Me


Recently my life has changed dramatically.  Divorce is final, we’ve closed on our home and we have moved to a new place.  So much upheaval physically, emotionally and mentally, but as I joke when people ask how we are faring, I say we are still upright which to me means we are still here, still walking on our paths and still getting up every morning to greet the dawn with gratitude.  Of course, that’s my description of what upright means!

I’ve continued my tradition of quiet prayer over coffee outside in the mornings before anyone else is up in my house.  Luckily for me, we have a small yard where I can sit and think among Mother Nature’s gifts.  While watching the birds, the small chipmunk who lives nearby who wanders around the patio and listening to the gentle awakenings of nature, I say my prayers and talk with God.

Friday morning began as usual, quietly sipping my coffee and feeling the gentle breeze blow the weeping willow nearby when suddenly a honeybee alighted on my shirt.  She didn’t scare me as she walked on my sleeve.  I looked at her and realized she was a honeybee with no stinger to injure me.  When was the last time I’d seen a honeybee so close up and why had she alighted on me?  Immediately, I thought that she was a spirit totem animal as I’ve had many instances when animals deliver messages to me.  So I looked it up and read what I could find.

Saturday morning began my quiet routine and again, the honeybee came to visit.  This time she landed on the cell phone in my hand.  I watched as she gingerly walked on my phone for about 5 minutes, just walking across it in circles, looking like she was sniffing it as if she were a dog.  Again, she made me smile and as quickly as she had appeared, she flew away.

Saturday night, I was outside again, enjoying the night sky, talking on the phone with a dear friend and who do you think came to visit again?  Yup!  My friendly honeybee alighted directly on my arm.  Her feet tickled my skin, but I remained still as she walked down my upper arm to my elbow and then flew away.

However, this morning, there was no visit, which I have to admit made me sad, as I was enjoying our little morning routine.  With spirit totem animals, there are messages to deliver via Mother Nature’s children and certainly, when we are aware and notice, the messages are delivered.

Have you ever been visited by an animal?  Do you know anything about totem spirit animals?  When was the last time you saw a honeybee?

Please share!

Shine On!


21 thoughts on “A Honeybee Came To Me

  1. Ha, ha! I saw one yesterday at such a high altitude, I was surprised it could fly. It was ministering to the tiny alpine flowers growing among the rocks above the tree-line.

  2. I’ve never heard of spirit totem animals either. Interesting. What did you find out when you looked it up? I’m afraid your “she” is a “he” if it had no stinger since with honeybees, only the drones don’t sting.

    • Thanks Gail for the gender reveal! LOL Yet another new fact for me to learn today! Yippee! I have a post set for tomorrow about what honeybee means. I didn’t want to make today’s post too long and include it. xo

      • I look forward to reading it! I was in awe after reading your post that you sat so calmly while a honeybee crawled on you! I am so allergic to them (had an anaphylactic reaction to a sting by one when I was a child). I’m afraid I would have flicked it off and taken off running like a wild woman. LOL! You are braver than I am!

      • God bless with your allergy. It was the third visit from the honeybee so I figured it wouldn’t sting me. But if I knew I was allergic, I certainly wouldn’t have been so calm! ♥

  3. We have three hives of honey bees Yvonne. I hate to tell you, but they can sting when feeling attacked. You were obviously a kind resting place … and quite interesting to her 💛
    The bees that we see on our flowers are at the very end of their life cycle… which is only around 35 days. Enjoy their visits and all their hard work without retirement!
    Good luck with your own transition and new chapter 💕

    • Val, thank you for sharing with me as I wouldn’t have wanted her to sting me and I felt very comfortable not seeing a stinger on her backside. But yikes! Good to know! Wow – 35 day life cycle? How interesting as I had no idea. I love that you have bee hives Val! Do you eat the honey from them? I have a better appreciation for them now with no retirement and I love to learn something new everyday Val, so thank you! xo

    • Oh I love that they come to visit you too! It certainly doesn’t surprise me since you are so spiritually connected and such a lovely lady! xo

  4. Such awesome visits, and you are brave! I’ve only had to sit still for butterfly visits. And congratulations for making all that change happen and be in such positive acceptance. I’m in awe of you!

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