Bird’s Nest – Is It A Sign?


I was sitting outside the other morning as I often do, enjoying the peace and quiet of Mother’s Nature’s gifts before the hubbub of the day begins.  From across the yard, I saw something drop and I heard a thud as it landed on the ground.  Immediately, I thought a squirrel might have fallen out of the tree as I could see that what had fallen wasn’t moving.  I contemplated going to look as I watched a squirrel race by, stopping only for a moment by the unknown object and continuing on his way.  Curiously I went over to see for myself what had fallen with a thud.

It was the nest pictured above which had fallen with an audible thud.  No eggs to be seen, yet the weight of it as it had somehow gotten dislodged from its branch!  Coincidentally two days before, I had 2 little birds trying to build a nest in my dryer vent!  For days we battled.  They would stuff the vent and I would unstuff it.  Finally they gave up and moved to a different place.  Whew.  I didn’t want to cook the eggs with the dryer heat!  I didn’t want that on my conscience.  Not to mention the fire hazard!

As you may know, I’m looking for a house to move to as the closing sale date of our home creeps closer.  I wonder what it means to have the nest fall or to have birds trying to nest in my home?

I’m praying for the perfect home to come to us as the time edges closer, but so far, nothing definitive has appeared.  I keep thinking that God is never too late so I continue to let go and Let God.  But whew, it’s hard when worry plagues me and because I’m a planner, letting go of control and trying to find one when none are available are at odds in my head.

Any thoughts on my situation?  What do you think of the nest falling in front of me?  Or the birds trying to build a nest in the dryer vent?  Are they signs?  What do you think it means?

Shine On!


6 thoughts on “Bird’s Nest – Is It A Sign?

  1. It’s definitely a sign of spring! It also seems to be a reflection of your current situation (living in a place that doen’t really work for you) and rejecting a home that doesn’t fit.) not negative signs, just acknowledgment from the universe!

    • Thank you, I think you are right. Acknowledgement that I am on the right path for leaving home and finding a new home. I appreciate your help and I thought it was positive as well!

  2. Very interesting! The fact the nest fell where you could see it and hear it is no coincidence. Is it possible you want to un-nest? Maybe put everything in storage and travel for a bit looking for somewhere that feels right? Sit with it for a bit and see if something doesn’t pop into your heart about this. Best of luck with the closing.

    • Thank you Marlene. Perhaps you are right. I am taking it as a positive sign as well. Glad to hear you felt it wasn’t a coincidence and that it was positive.

  3. A sign? Maybe, but the right thing generally happens with or without a visible sign. In time, you will find your just right place.

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