Clear Away the Clutter


Since we are moving soon, I’m cleaning out the clutter – decades of it and it’s hard.  I am a saver at heart and because I’m downsizing, it’s time to release and move on with my life.  Nostalgia takes hold occasionally and I release a few tears as I remember happier times.  That which I choose to hold onto are the favorites, the items that bring me joy in my life, not those which remind me of the past.

It’s exhausting work, this decluttering and although I’ve read my share of ‘how to declutter’  and feng shui books, I can sometimes get bogged down in memories when I find a little treasure that I had forgotten.  Perhaps it’s the chemo brain or mid-life loss of memory that are the reasons I’ve forgotten.  Who knows?  But I continue to choose to think that it’s a rite of passage when I can be reminded by an item and then put it in a pile and not pack it away to be moved to our next home.

Letting go is easy for some people.  For me, sometimes, it’s a challenge, but I am happy to report that it’s been one of those life lessons that I never wanted to partake in and yet, I’m finding happiness by going through it.  I’m releasing and sending items with love to new owners so that they can find joy in them as well.  I figure it doubles the joy that the item’s lifetime gives!  Does that sound silly?  I guess it can sound silly, but it’s a mindset that has been working for me, so I’m sticking with it.

Clutter bogs down the mind, body and soul although when we are in the midst of it, some of us don’t realize it (meaning me).  Now that I’m clearing away items that I thought I would use someday or used for a bit and now don’t, I’m finding that it’s opening spaces of light and opportunity in my life.

Have you felt this way?

Change is hard for most of us.  Endings are only new beginnings I know, but they are still hard to fathom sometimes when we aren’t sure where the new path is taking us.  I think I’d feel better if I were able to see and know where I am going.  But I trust that God has a plan and I am surrendering to His plan.

I hope you have a lovely Memorial Day Weekend!

Shine On!


10 thoughts on “Clear Away the Clutter

  1. I so understand these feelings! I am a sentimental clutter bug. I have a hard time parting with my kids old school work and even my old notes from college. I feel like I’m throwing our brains away or something? It’s silly, I know. Last year, I went through my closet and boxes of clothes I had stored away. Some of them were my mom’s clothes (she’s been gone for 10 years) and I knew I needed to part with them. I gave away probably 7 huge bags of clothing to a community center. They were thrilled to have them, and while I was sad, it felt somehow freeing to give them away. It is hard letting go of memories sometimes. It hurts. Like you said, change is hard.

    I wish you all the best in your new beginnings.

    • Oh my Gail! We are kindred spirits! I held onto all of my old notes, cards from college too and even some from middle school! Yikes! It was fun reminiscing back to those days, to remember what once was so important to me. I am grateful that you gifted the community with your Mom’s belongings so that others can enjoy them! Yes, change is hard, but necessary. Decluttering is allowing me to make space for my new beginnings. Thank you for your kind words. I truly appreciate our connection. ♥

  2. Yvonne after doing this recently I don’t envy you, its a big job but you do find some wonderful memories as you begin to sift through whats junk and whats a keeper. Very exciting to have change in your life, hope its all done soon.

    • Thank you Kath! It is exciting and scary and unknown. But, like you, I’m loving the treasures I’m finding and the memories that go along with them! I’m impressed you just moved…any advice? 🙂

      • Ugh! That decluttering is a full time job! LOL But I am glad to be doing it and I’m happy to hear I’m in good company with you doing it too! 🙂

  3. In the military, we moved very light. When you pay to move by the pound, nothing goes along that is not essential. I have had 35 addresses that I can remember and although the last marriage was to a pack rat (and it is contagious). I brought everything important to me in a 26′ U Haul. As a sewer and crafter, I tend to collect and hoard creative things and I also have kept many treasures. I’ve learned to photograph many things and pass them on. In January, I filled up the back of my Suburban each week for 6 weeks and take everything in the car to a thrift store on Saturday. Books and fabric are not exempt though I’m more reluctant to part with them. If I’m not in love with it or don’t use it, it gets a new home. I don’t throw things away, I re-purpose or pass them on. It helps with weight loose just so you know. Stuff weighs us down. I’m still clearing out. Sold an extra table, chairs and some tubs today. Sewing machine I don’t absolutely need is on Craigslist. I do still have my mother’s from 1962 and it still works quite well. I wish you luck with this. I know how hard it is. Never having much most of my life, I tend to be more attached so releasing is a bit harder. But then I think, ” do I want my children to have to deal with this later?” It makes it easier. I’ll be thinking of you.

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