The Ocean…

wylandThe ocean stirs the heart,

inspires the imagination

& brings eternal joy to the soul.

~ Wyland

I have always been a beach girl.  Growing up, we went to the beach daily and honestly, I love the beach no matter the season nor the weather.  There is something magical about the power of the sea which calms my tender soul and I am ever grateful for her.

Perhaps being a Pisces, it’s innate in me, that love of the sea.  Two fish swimming is the sign for Pisces which is the last of the astrological signs in the zodiac.  Creativity and passion for writing have always been dear to me, for as you know, I love to connect through writing (hence the blog!).

Summer is upon us, with the start of Memorial Day weekend here in the States.  My beloved beach will be overcrowded now with tourists and beach goers and gone will be the gentle solitude which has soothed my soul frequently.

I am reminded of the quieter times that I enjoyed my solitude at the beach.  Sky and sea met on the horizon seamlessly, blue on blue.  The warm sand beneath my toes beckoning me as the sun warmed my soul.  Scattered shells and bits of sea glass treasures polka dot the sand.  The gentle sound of waves lapping the shoreline like a lullaby just for me.  When I was immersed in the sea, she rocked me, enveloped me, like a mother with a toddler at bedtime.  Gulls flew overhead, calling to friends.  Pipers scampered at the edge where the sand and the water met, tiptoeing quickly in the surf.  At night, the moon reflected on the dark, mysterious  water full of unseen animals who swam quietly by.  Still the waves’ melodious song called to me and I answered, my heart full of peace.

There is so much peace and love at the beach when we commune with her.  Do you feel the same way?  Does the sea beckon to you too?

Shine On!


12 thoughts on “The Ocean…

  1. Actually, no. I don’t get that same feeling. I’m a product of the desert, and I find solace in places generally without water. A creek or a small stream is one thing, but a big river, lake, or ocean make me a bit uncomfortable. I finale comfort in things like the forest, rocks, or cactus.

  2. I don’t know if it is the water sign or being raised at the beach, but this Scorp doesn’t do well too far inland for too long. There’s something about the tide and my soul that are synchronized.

  3. I love all the elements and have definitely enjoyed the ocean – when we lived in Florida especially but I think for me, it’s the mountains. My favorite place that I’ve lived was in Colorado near Pikes Peak. Nothing like falling asleep to the sound of aspen leaves blowing in the wind. I think we all have a place that calls to us.

    • Oh how lovely! To experience all of the elements! I have not experienced the desert nor the mountains too much, but they are on my bucket list! ♥

  4. Actually I am a mountain person. Give me a quiet place beside a stream or hidden mountain lake and I am one with God. That said. He beckons me to the sea for special moments of soaking up His power with each crashing wave. Isn’t it awesome how He calls us to Himself. We serve a mighty God!!!

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