On My Knees


As you’ve seen in my last few posts, life has been hard these days.  For me, writing is my outlet, sharing what I think might help someone else who is a caregiver of someone whom they love who has Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia.  I write in order to connect with others who are walking this path because we understand how emotional it can be and you just need support from others who get it.

There is no cure for this disease.  It is fatal.  As the mind shuts down, the body begins its journey as well.  It’s genetic as well, which means that those of us with relatives with the disease, can be subject to it in the future.

Think about that for a moment…what you may be witnessing as a child of a parent with Alzheimer’s, may be you one day.  It puts a terrible spin on the whole experience, don’t you think?  For then, with that knowledge, we wonder if we have it and every tidbit of forgetfulness becomes a full blown worry if it’s early onset of the disease.

Just because a parent has the disease, doesn’t necessarily mean that the offspring will develop it though, which is good news.  For it’s hard enough to watch a loved one struggle to hold onto information, recognize people and remember that loved ones have passed away.  The incessant questioning and cycles of repetition can make it hard to be patient, especially when we are hurting as well.  In truth, I’ve cried a boatload of tears lately in frustration and sadness in feeling so helpless.

The power of prayer and faith helps.  When I can’t stop trying to fix the situation or at least better it, I find that getting on my knees to pray helps quiet my mind.  Simply handing it over to God for the night, once I finally let go, let Him in and let God take it from here that is.  I’m a tough cookie.  I like to keep a handle on things so it’s harder for me to allow the Universe and God to hold onto everything while I sleep. But it helps so much.

Do you ever find yourself on your knees praying when all else fails?

Shine On!




18 thoughts on “On My Knees

  1. It is incredibly difficult… to be present for … to help … I know this as well… brings tears to my eyes but prayer does help and of course taking photos of birds helps! Angels everywhere! Sending much love! Shine on!

    • Oh Maria, your birds are extraordinary! Truly! Have you ever thought of blogging those beautiful photos you take? I think you may have a new career on the horizon. Yes, angels everywhere- shining on all of us! Sending much loved back to you. xoxo

  2. Thank you for speaking your truth so powerfully. Your post touched and saddened me, but I’m happy you have inner strength and a source of additional strength and comfort in your faith. May your strength and faith continue to carry you to and through any obstacles that come your way.

  3. Caring for those we love with this is not easy at all.. My inlaws both suffered this… And yes.. praying is often a source I turn too for many reasons..
    Sending Love and Blessings your way my friend.. My heart is with you ❤ and your loved ones.. ❤

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