When You Don’t Have A ‘Valentine’ To Love


When you don’t have a ‘valentine’ to love on Valentine’s Day it can feel awkward, especially if in years past, you did have someone whom you loved, but for whatever reason, you are not together anymore.  Separations can be due to a variety of reasons which makes it hard when it seems like the whole world is celebrating a day of love with their sweetie.

But, I like to think of Valentine’s Day as a holiday for cherishing the relationships we have with others!  It doesn’t need to be only romantic love that we celebrate that day!  Not at all!  For me, since my circumstances have changed, I celebrate Valentine’s Day with gratitude for my children, my family, my soul family and my friends who have filled my life with love.  In fact, let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day together as you’re a part of my blogging family filled with love!  Thanks for being here with me.  I celebrate our connections today too!

So tomorrow, when the heart rises to meet the day, smile!  Greet the hearts and flowers day with gratitude for all of the love you have shared on your life’s journey!  Give thanks for the past loves, the present loves and look forward to the future loves!  But above all, enjoy the present love which envelopes your heart and soul today!  Enjoy the little kindnesses that are shown to you and smile to pass along those kindnesses as well.  We could have a lovefest here on Planet Earth if everyone, for just one day, loved all humankind.  Wouldn’t that be the very best Valentine’s Day ever?

So how about you?  How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

Shine On!



22 thoughts on “When You Don’t Have A ‘Valentine’ To Love

  1. I didn’t know that your circumstances had changed. Did I miss a critical post somewhere? Change can always be good, when we are in alignment with our soul. People thought I was nuts when I separated from my husband while we had 3 very small children. But that divorce made way for a wonderful marriage that is still going after 20 years. My children benefited from the divorce more than I ever expected – and so did I. Blessings to you and much love!

    • Karel, I didn’t really speak of it. Thank you for sharing with me. I am so happy that your decision benefited you and your family – your courage inspires me as always in so many ways. Blessings and much love to you dear friend xoxo

  2. Valentines day was always a day of dread. I was married twice, both long marriages but never anyone’s Valentine. Not a wise choice for me but now I’m my own Valentine. This year was my best ever Valentines Day! The 5 of us in our hand sewing, quilting group carpooled downtown to see a 6th member who had been placed in a retirement home. We brought our hand sewing, and had lunch with our sweet 86 year old friend. She smiled from ear to ear the whole time we were there. I needed nothing else that day. My heart is still happy. 🙂 Giant hugs.

    • Marlene, I love how you and your dear friends spread Valentine’s Love! Isn’t it amazing how our hearts can still be so full of joy after sharing such a lovely experience! Thank you for sharing it with me! My heart is happy now too! xoxo

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  5. Venerable Archbishop Sheen once wrote: Our heart is not like a Valentine heart, because it has a piece missing. It was torn out from all eternity at the Crucifixion at Calvary. God kept that piece of our hearts so that we could fill our hearts with as much love as possible in this world. But would not completely fill it, for it was not complete. He will return that piece to each of us when we return to Him. And then we will know what a complete and full heart is when it is filled with God’s love.
    If we have but that solitary love in our entire lives, I would think that would be sufficient.

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