A Visit From Someone Who Has Passed?


Two years ago, my Aunt AAngel passed away.  She was very special to us and was a part of our family’s life for more than 60 years.  AAngel wasn’t a biological aunt, but instead, a part of our family by love.  I am not sure if anyone remembers that she passed away two years ago, but her loved ones who have memory issues, were talking about her suddenly and I found it interesting.

I have a theory that our loved ones who have passed, visit us.  Has this ever happened to you?  With memory issues, my aunt who was most impacted by her passing, forgets that AAngel has passed away and believes instead, she is visiting her own family.  But the other night, suddenly my aunt wanted to talk on the phone with me to tell me how she had been talking with AAngel.  What I found as a precious coincidence is that the very same day marked the two year anniversary of her passing.

When a loved one passes, I think they often check in on those of us who are here on Earth, still in human form.  They hover around, comforting us when we are grieving if we would only open our hearts and minds to see the signs.  We’ve all heard of feathers, pennies from Heaven, songs being played on the radio, etc. as signs that our angels are nearby.  Has this ever happened to you?  I know I’ve been visited in dreams by loved ones who have passed away and I always take it as a confirmation that they are sending a little bit of love and connecting with me.  I don’t think love ever really dies, it simply changes form.  It may get harder to see those whom we loved who have passed, but their loving essence only fades in human form.  The loving bond we share, remains eternal.

For what’s the legacy we leave behind after we’ve passed except for the remembrance in the hearts of those still here on Earth?  Sure, we can leave material goods and be remembered, but to be remembered in the hearts and minds of those who truly loved us, is a precious legacy.

So today, let’s take a moment to remember those precious souls who have passed and left a precious legacy in our hearts.  Feel the gratitude in knowing them.  Then, as we go about our day, let’s keep that reminder and do for others so that one day, we may be remembered in a special way.

Have you ever been visited by a loved one who has passed away?  What signs have you received?  Please share!

Shine On!


17 thoughts on “A Visit From Someone Who Has Passed?

  1. For me the visits are mainly in dreams and changes in energy around me – I will hear or sense a change in energy. I’ve spent most of my life exploring this topic and I agree that true loves never dies….it just tries again 🙂 Much love and light to you!

  2. I am definitely visited by loved ones who have passed. They suddenly come to mind with their essence so clear. Sometimes, For me, there’s a surprise thought in my head that seems to come in when my mind is busy doing something else…like “from the side.” Those thoughts don’t resemble anything I would be thinking at the time, but distinguish themselves as truly interrupting. I have learned to cherish them. I’m really glad you’ve shared your experiences. Thank you!

  3. Such a beautiful post.. Yes I know I have been visited and I am sure your Aunt is watching over you still and from time to time I am certain you will feel her presence..
    Love and Blessings.. And my condolences in your sad loss.
    Love Sue xx

  4. Being visited by those we have lost and loved is a normal part of life. My mother used to sit on the side of my bed on occasion till her dog passed too. Now she will hide things from me in the sewing room and if I put on some German music and wait, she places it right where I can’t miss it. My kids thought I was nuts when I said I would not hunt for the missing item. Grandma would bring it back. They’ve seen it happen too so they know now.

    • Marlene, I LOVE your stories, especially this one! How sweet that your Mom visits and plays with you! I love that your children have seen it in person. Sometimes we have to see to believe (even though you and I know we can believe first, then see!) We talk with St. Anthony to find lost items here. Is your Mom German, hence the music? Just wondering! xo

      • Yes, my mother was German. Dad American but said he was German in a past life. We took half his ashes back there. He could remember the language better than my mother after their many years together.

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