Have You Ever Had Signs From Loved Ones?


Born on All Saint’s Day, my Dad has celebrated his birthday in Heaven for 5 years now.  Tempus Fugit as he would say, meaning ‘time flies’ and I would humbly have to agree with him.

I’m a bit melancholy today.  Perhaps that happens to you when it’s a loved one’s birth or death date  who has already passed on?  So much has changed in our lives since he left.  So much of our lives have changed so drastically.  Sometimes I wish I could just ask him for advice.

And then, just when I’m wondering if I’m doing everything right, or the way he would have wanted me to, he sends an earthy angel to tell me.  Recently, a friend of mine, out of the blue, who never knew my Dad told me that my Dad wanted me to know that he is prroud of me for all that I’m doing now.  This man said he felt a huge urge to say that to me and to pass along a message to me (from my Dad).  It was as if my Dad knew I needed to hear those words and I most certainly did.

While the veil is thinner, I pray that you and your loved ones can communicate a bit more, or at least, you can feel peace.  I have had a few signs lately, so I know he’s watching over his family.  There’s been a lot of forgiveness between us because as you know, ‘time heals,’ and I’m proof of that phrase.

So be on the lookout – feathers, coins, synchronicity, unexplained phenomenon and sometimes even more physical feelings of cool air, lights blinking, etc. can be signs.

Love is eternal even when we can’t see them.

Have you ever had signs from loved ones?  Please share!

Shine On!



18 thoughts on “Have You Ever Had Signs From Loved Ones?

  1. Like you, I too remember and wish my mom happy birthday every year that she’s been gone. I truly believe with all my heart that your dad would be and IS so proud of you. I’m so glad you had a message from him, you deserve it. What a great sign! I’ve only recently been able to be open to receiving signs and messages from my mom and my dad. It’s helped a lot. Last night I dreamed about a huge angel wing just behind me and slightly over my head like an umbrella but the sun was shining, and today I felt very strong and empowered. So yes, I BELIEVE.

    • I love that you are feeling empowered and strong ~ you are letting your heartlight shine so brightly! Keep it up! Thank you for your kind words. I am sure your parents are very proud of you too xoxo

  2. Oh, definitely! Loved ones who have passed know just when you need them, too! I’m so glad you were comforted by your message.

  3. You got it my friend – mindfulness will show you there is no such thing as “death.” Much love to you my friend. Keep shining and walk with wakefulness in this dream we are all sharing.

  4. Yvonne he would be so proud of you just for sharing your thoughts and experiences on this beautiful blog. I do believe in signs I ask my dad to send me blue butterflies when I doubt myself. I have rarely seen a live one but they come to me on the backs of cars as stickers, on T-shirts etc. He sent four chirping, joyous Lorikeets to the door on the morning he passed away as mum had whispered to him to send her a message when he reached heaven. The birds had never sat on the railing before, only in the trees and we had not seen them in ages. We all knew that was our sign.

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