For the Joy of Candy Corn!


For the Joy of Candy Corn!

Like most people, I know candy corn isn’t a food group.  But there’s something special about it for me.  It’s a fond memory of autumn days gone by with my family.  My mom always had a candy dish filled with candy corn when we were little and we would just dip our hands in it from time to time, to gather a few and pop them into our mouths!  Sometimes, I would bite each section of color, savoring the artistic manner of eating! Ha!

Whenever I see candy corn now as an adult, that sweet memory returns.  The nostalgic ache of being a child when there wasn’t any worry about sugary snacks (as long as they were enjoyed in moderation!) nor of calories and the worry of extra pounds that in adulthood seem so hard to shed now.

Is there a fall treat which you relate to in a happy way?  Please share!  I’ll be passing the candy corn dish around…what will you bring to our nostalgia party?

Shine On!



24 thoughts on “For the Joy of Candy Corn!

  1. Candy corn is my husband Kyle’s favorite Halloween candy!!! I read your post out loud to him and he was happy to know he has a comrade in sweets lol! They are good but not my favorite. I would bring sweet and sour candies like Pixie Sticks, Sprees, Sweet Tarts or Reese Peanut Butter cups like they used to be or the bite sized ones (something has changed in the normal sized versions (waxy) and I don’t like them anymore) because peanut butter and chocolate is my favorite food combo. Kyle would probably bring his own candy corn and share lol. We’d have a lot of fun no matter what! Much love and light to you – thank you for this fun post!

  2. We traveled so much that Halloween wasn’t on the calendar until I was too old to participate. But I would go after anything chocolate or a tootsie roll was my go to sweet when it was available. I’ve been making up for lost time since. 🙂 I love to look at candy corn but it’s not a firm favorite. No trick or treaters here because it will rain and there are so few kids. If I buy candy, I’ll be the trick or treater. 😦 Have a wonderful Halloween.

  3. Hi Yvonne what is candy corn? Is it popcorn? Sorry Aussie ignorance. My favourite treat on a hot day, was a giant slice of watermelon. These days my kids do not appreciate the cool sweet taste. But I have fond memories sitting with my siblings and enjoying he seed spitting contests. Such kiddy fun!

    • Kath, the picture is of candy corn. It’s a candy. I looked it up “Although the recipe for candy corn hasn’t changed much since the late 1800s, the way it’s made has changed quite a bit. In the early days, workers mixed the main ingredients — sugar, water and corn syrup — in large kettles. Then they added fondant (a sweet, creamy icing made from sugar, corn syrup and water) and marshmallow for smoothness. Finally, they poured the entire mixture by hand into molds, one color at a time. Because the work was so tedious, candy corn was only available from March to November.” I hope this helps! I love watermelon too! Although I was never very good at seed spitting, I’ve done that too! Thanks for sharing! ♥

  4. Candy corn holds a special place in my heart. As do Circus Peanuts. I’d gather returnable soda bottles for five and ten cents and buy these treats, plus licorice, and wax lips this time of year. My dentist loved my lack of moderation when it came time to bill me.

    • Giggle Giggle! Oh my gosh Russ, circus peanuts! They were a staple at my aunt’s house! I hadn’t thought of them in forever! Yum! I’m loving this candyfest!

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