Happy Birthday Auntie M!

Eighty-Eight Years Young!

Turning 88 years old is a milestone.  Born in 1928, my Auntie M is celebrating her birthday today and unfortunately, I can’t be there to see her.  However, I was able to talk with her on the phone and sing the customary Happy Birthday To YOU song to which she giggled.  It’s lovely when someone with dementia laughs and understands.  It’s a pure gift to the loved ones who surround her.

Life here on Earth can be fleeting, gone with the blink of an eye as we’ve experienced through various tragedies.  So to celebrate a loved one’s birthday is special.  My heart is saddened that I am so far away from her today, for even though she might not remember later that I was there, in the moment, she knew that I was not, but that I was connecting with her via telephone and singing off-key, her special song.  Her, “I love you,” to me was special and her gratitude for my remembering her birthday gladdened my heart.  But truly, how could I not remember her special day?

But, isn’t that what life is all about?  Connecting with others, feeling the shared love that runs through our souls even for a few fleeting moments of clarity in the mind of someone with memory issues?  I treasure the connection we made today.  I love to hear her laugh as she can’t believe her actual age!  I think of how, when I reach 88, I will probably feel the same way.

So today’s post is dedicated to my Auntie M who has shown her loving light and caring soul to all!  Today I celebrate her spirit of kindness, of caring, of love and connections.  She helps me to remember to enjoy the present moment and she is a great role model of doing just that!

She’ll be enjoying her favorite chocolate ice cream cake this afternoon with her sister and friends today.  I will have to go out to get a cup of ice cream myself to toast a life well-loved!

Shine On!





16 thoughts on “88

  1. How different my life would have been, had I been raised in a family so full of love and connection! I hope you know how lucky you are! Blessings to you all.

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