Mother Teresa on Love


In honor of the canonization of Mother Teresa today, please watch the video below, in her own words, speaking of love.

Mother Teresa speaking of love

“Where does this love begin? In our own family, in our own home.  How does it begin?  By praying together.  Family that prays together, stays together and if you stay together, you will love one another as God loves each one of you

Today in the world there is so much suffering.  Because of that one of prayer of unity in the family so today when we are together, let us make one strong resolution that we will bring prayer into our family, that we will teach our children to pray and pray with them and you will see the joy and the love and the peace that will come into your hearts.  Because the fruit of prayer is the deepening of faith and the fruit of faith is love and the fruit of love is service and the fruit of service is peace.  Works of love are works of peace that is why let us bring the tender love of God in our families.”

~Mother Teresa, speech on Love

Love one another.


Shine On!


9 thoughts on “Mother Teresa on Love

  1. We all thought her a Saint long before the church gave her a second thought. I had a family that stayed together but did not pray or love. For me, that came directly from the Source. I have been the most fortunate member of my entire family. My prayers begin at awakening and continue until sleep comes again. I am glad Mother Teresa has recognition so maybe someone else will pick up her work and carry on with the same kind of love.

  2. My parents use to say this often Yvonne I still remember leaning over the couch and giggling as our parents encouraged us to say the rosary together. Nine children praying it must have been an unruly site, as we use to get distracted by each other. My Father use to also say the Family that plays together stays together as well. We are still all very close even though he is gone now and we all live so far away from each other.

    • What a lovely family memory ~thank you for sharing Kath! I imagine there’s something so soothing about praying the rosary as a family. I’m sorry your dad is gone now, but his memory is alive still. ♥ Heartfelt hugs to you!

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