What Will You Leave Us This Time?


Click Here for Oh Very Young (with lyrics)

Above is a YouTube video with the lyrics to the song by Cat Stevens, Oh Very Young, which is a beautiful reminder for so many of us.  Have you ever thought of what you leave behind when you say goodbye to this life?  How will you be remembered?  Will you take the love and connections with you that you’ve made on this planet?  Will your memory remain with those who stay?  What will those who stay remember about you?
I pray that your memory of me will be of love, kindness, compassion, connections, caring and grace.  I wish the same for you with your loved ones and for all with whom you connect.  You are such a special person, here for a Divine Purpose to love, to hold and to make a difference in a beautiful way.  I was reminded of this today, so I will, in turn, remind you. ♥
Shine On!


18 thoughts on “What Will You Leave Us This Time?

    • Oh yes indeed! Love one another is an excellent mantra to keep as well! I believe we have all made mistakes. The trick is to not make them again and to continue to increase our positive outflows. ♥

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I hope I will be remembered as I remember every kind thought and action and have somehow forgotten anything that wasn’t kind or loving. A short memory can be a wonderful thing sometime.

    • Thank you Elizabeth ~ I know you will too because of your incredible loving spirit. Perhaps someday we shall meet in person. But until then, I’m grateful for our connection. ♥

  2. I think of my dad who left us with the gift of love, love of life and compassion for our fellow humans, also a sense of humour when things got tough. I hope I am remembered for the same things my dad left me Yvonne.

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