How Do YOU Make This World A Better Place?

Lately, I hear people complain about the state of the world and all the horrors that occur daily.  It saddens me to think that sometimes it feels as if we are living in a cesspool of inhumanity for there is a lot of news which at times defies kindness, love and connections between humans, between humans and animals, and even between humans and our planet Earth.
So what are YOU doing about it?  How do you improve your small corner of this world?  How do you shine your heartlight to help to heal our world?
I would love to hear from you.  Perhaps if we all kept up our efforts to spread love and kindness everywhere we go, our planet life would improve.  I can only hope as I shine my heartlight here.
Shine On!

20 thoughts on “How Do YOU Make This World A Better Place?

  1. The apartment complex where I live has finally initiated a recycling program. I’m amazed at just how good I feel to do my small part for the environment. 🙂 ❤
    Diana xo

  2. I don’t watch the news and give the negative any of my energy. I smile at everyone I meet and offer kind words. We make quilts for foster children and women’s shelters and another neighbor helps distribute leftover grocery food to those in need. There is so much good going on the the world but only the bad makes the news channel. To be truthful, there is so little bad news that they have to keep repeating it over and over again to fill the air time. I have neighbors that are sharing clipping from their plants to help the rest get their gardens up to speed. The news channels don’t cover any of that. They don’t cover that one person is praying for another to recover from an illness. Or that someone made soup for the person that has a bad cold or flu. My energy goes to the good in the world. That’s what I see and hope each day to see more of it. We just put another beautiful quilt top together with the hands of a dozen women. You won’t see that on the news either. But we keep at it. 😉 It’s a wonderfilled world out there and I love it.

    • Marlene thank you for all the good you do! I love the idea of quilts b/c being wrapped in love is the best feeling! Yes, all that you mentioned is news worthy, all the simple kindnesses. Big hugs to you! ♥

  3. I think it starts with all the little opportunities we have. Hold a door, help a coworker, let the other person go first, pick up a piece of trash and put it in the bin. We have so many of these, every day.

    • Dan, you are so right! If we all took advantage of every opportunity to bring a little kindness into the world, we would live in a gentler place. Thanks for your efforts! ♥

  4. I agree with Dan and have found it’s so important to lead by our example. Nobody used to walk their dogs in our neighborhood and gradually, by our example, several families do! It’s the little things that ripple out to make big changes. Keep shining!

  5. When you visit a beautiful park, only to see garbage strewn about. One can rightly assume that it was an act of people. No creature, other than man can consciously do such a thing. So it is only just, that people clean the area. In so doing the park then regains its beauty.
    The world is not in a good place because people are not in a good place, as a result of relativistic views and subjective truths.
    When a ship encounters a storm ahead it diverts its course. Its about time that the world should change direction. What it finds will not be something new, but rather something old. An old order that was sacrificed for a new disorder.

  6. I liked the article, and the main idea of your blog. even if the philosophical subject and yet metaphysical; it can be gently analyze using different cultures, different visions and different methods …. well: THE REALITY IS RELATIVE.
    Welcome to see my écréations and writes.

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