Do You Have A Case of Holiday Hiraeth?

I saw this on Facebook this morning and it struck a chord in me that I felt needed to be shared with all of you.  For at the holidays especially, there are those of us may be feeling hiraeth, but never had a word for it.  For the English language, to my knowledge, does not have a word which encompasses these feelings as hiraeth does.

So what do you do about it when you are feeling this way?  How do you go on with this feeling through holiday festivities?  My own solution is to allow the feeling, to engage in it, to acknowledge the hiraeth as it comes.  To turn ourselves into jolly merrimakers is to falsely and ineptly disengage with our souls.  To be in stillness with the feeling is to be true to ourselves and to allow hiraeth to process in our lives in order for us to heal.

I’m not saying to throw a pity party for ourselves during the festivities at all.  I’m not recommending that we pout or make others uncomfortable with our sadness.  No, not at all.  I’m suggesting that we allow ourselves the gift of hiraeth in our quiet alone time so that we can find the joy when we are celebrating the holidays.  To feel hiraeth and maybe even to share it with those willing to listen in a compassionate manner is to find the peace within us when we allow our feelings space to heal.

For there is healing in allowing hiraeth.  There is much joy to be had in life especially during the holiday season.  Allow your heartlights to shine, spread the love and understanding that you innately carry within you and reach out to others with your kind heart.  Know that I am here with you.  I understand.  I acknowledge our feelings of hiraeth and I hold them tenderly in my heart.

Bless you all this holiday season.

Shine On!



*Gratitude to MAngel for sharing on FB so that I could see this post.

13 thoughts on “Do You Have A Case of Holiday Hiraeth?

  1. What an interesting word. I would imagine there are many times that it would apply. Christmas is hard for so many. Expectations create such havoc in the heart. I’ve never had a home to long for so I’m happy where I’m at in each moment. Lack of attachment has been a gift my life offered. I hope your holiday turns out to be delightful.

  2. Yvonne, You’ve captured the challenge for some during Christmas. And have wisely offered a plan of action to counter it. Which is quite in keeping with God’s remedy. For He knew we were tortured by separation from Him. So He sent Word to us in Christ Jesus that, through Him, we would be restored to God and, by Him, will be shown the way home we thought lost forever.
    -A blessed Christmas, Yvonne.

  3. So interesting. Yes, I do have a grieving/yearning occasionally during the holidays as my family’s traditions change, but mostly when I set my expectations too high. It’s nice to have a word that encompasses that familiar feeling. And thank you for supporting us all in the acknowledgement of that feeling, Once processed, we can move on to joy!

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