Cat and Christmas Tree


Having just brought home and set up our own real Christmas tree, I could relate to Simon’s Cat, Santa Paws as he discovers all the fun of a tree in the livingroom bejeweled with new playthings!  I had many giggles watching the video below and hope you will too!

For us, so far, so good.  There have been pine-needle eating contests here by the cats (the kitten won) and hide and go seek games played under the branches.  There has been batting and tapping of ornaments which are break-proof specifically placed on the lower branches for some pawsome fun to be had and with fingers crossed, all is well.  I don’t think that eating pine needles off of the tree nor drinking from the christmas tree holder base is wise.  Lucky for me (and them) we only use plain water and no chemicals to keep the tree moist.  I do tie a tree skirt around the base, but the houdini paws of our cats have learned to untie and find a way to play/drink in the sappy water.  Silly kittens!

Do you have any pets who like to participate in the fun of setting up a Christmas tree?  Please share as I love to hear all about their antics!

Shine On!


17 thoughts on “Cat and Christmas Tree

  1. There’s a hysterical cartoon of a cat lying in a psychiatrists couch and the cat is saying to the doctor “Then they bring a tree inside the house and hang shiny dangling things from it and don’t let me touch it at all…” LOL!

  2. Yvonne Im in love with that clip! Laughed out loud. Thanks for sharing. My cats are going to be surprised this year the kids have a tiny spray bottle of water in ready because we know they won’t be able to resist out home made tree…. made out of sticks.

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