Why Should I Fear?


“Behind me is infinite power.

Before me is endless possibility.

Around me is boundless opportunity.

Why should I fear?”

– Stella Stuart

Have you ever experienced fear or viewed life through fearful eyes, ears, mind and soul?  Fear can wrap its icy tentacles around hearts and paralyze our thinking.  I have been there.  I know that it happens and fear can have the power to stop us in our tracks.

But this quote above by Stella Stuart is a lovely reminder that there is more than fear in this life.  Fear can be managed when we think with love, with possibility, with hope and with faith.  I wanted to share this quote with you today so that you can have the gentle reminder that you are more powerful than you know!  Shine your heartlight dearest friends!

Sending you strength, love and boundless possibility, today and everyday!

Shine On!


15 thoughts on “Why Should I Fear?

  1. I always thought of myself as fearless. Then my daughter pointed out how many areas in my life I let the fear rule me. It was quite an eye opener. How could I expect her to take the leap of faith if I was caving to fear at every turn. Great poem to bring us to our senses. Thanks.

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  3. Yes I have been known to fall under its wretched blanket and climb out seeking balance and normality. But now realising this life has no real normality and someone said….. it might have been here that I read it…… that we have to find our new normal when challenges arise and that has stuck with me. I push fear away and face my challenges trusting in the path that unfolds.

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