What Do You Believe? The Gnomist


This morning, the video below came to me via a friend and I had to pass it along to you.  It’s 17 minutes long and well-worth watching as the story line spans so many different lives, healings and wraps the art of kindness into a magical forest.  Fairies, forest and gnomes all rejoice!

For it’s December First ~ Repeat after me…Rabbit Rabbit ~ Today begins the magic, snow on our blogs, a festive spirit in the air ~ Here’s to hoping we continue it throughout the year!  Love to you all!

Shine On!


22 thoughts on “What Do You Believe? The Gnomist

  1. I was moved to tears watching this and enthralled at the same time. I’ve never reblogged anything but would really like to share this with as many people as I can. Thank you for bringing it to us.

  2. Thank you for this video! I have always been a believer in faeries and gnomes and this story touched me deeply. I love how you said, it’s the time when there’s snow on our blogs! I somehow forget it every year, and every year I’m delighted again when the snow begins to fall.

  3. Oh what a beautiful share.. This video brought such love and hope and such magic which helped so much heart-ache and grief.. Many thanks for sharing it.. I came via Marlene’s reblog, and I am so pleased I watched it all the way through..
    You have such a beautiful blog..
    Sending Love and Gratitude..
    Sue ❤

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