True Story ~ Close Encounter With A Hawk!


I came across this small bird just sitting in the grass in my backyard the other day.  I actually walked past him within less than a foot and he never moved.  I didn’t even see him on my first pass by, but noticed him when I walked back.  He sat there for about 20 minutes as I crouched near him, speaking soothing words to him.  He moved his head, back and forth and luckily I caught his photo as the sun dappled on the grass around him.

I wondered if he were hurt and if that was why he was just sitting there.  After taking the photo, I sat nearby, observing him.  After about 20 minutes, he simply hopped away and then flew as if he had planned for us to have this little visit.  He never uttered a peep, but simply cocked his head in wonderment as I spoke to him.  I wondered what he was thinking.  Did he judge me for not noticing him in the grass when I walked by him?  Or did he wait for me to notice him so that I could be present with one of God’s creatures?  To me, whatever it was, it was a gift of nature for which I am grateful.

Many times I have had encounters with wildlife in my yard and in my life.  Birds quite frankly, are not a favorite of mine.  I had a hawk fly into my car and settle himself on the ledge of the passenger window IN THE CAR years ago.  That is a true story, unbelievable to recount except in person because the intensity of my fears gets lost in writing the story.  But the gist was that the hawk was chasing a sparrow who somehow flew into my car as I was putting something on the passenger front seat floor and the hawk came in right behind him.  The sparrow ended up in the back of my jeep (unbeknownst to me) as I was completely unaware except that as I closed the door, I felt something brush my arm.  It’s amazing to me that I was so lost in my own thoughts that day that I was completely detached from what was happening right where I was!  As I walked around the car, opened the driver’s side and slid into the seat in order to go home, I was stunned to see a full-sized hawk on my passenger side, holding tight to the ledge, his back to me, looking out the window.  I am not a bird lover in the least and I fear them, so imagine my fright!  I jumped out of the car immediately upon seeing the hawk and started screaming in the parking lot of the local hardware store (on New Year’s Eve day).  A man drove up next to me and I immediately ran to him stuttering that there was a bbbbiiiirrrdddd in my car and I needed his help!  He looked at me as if I had lost my mind completely.

The man calmly walked over to my car and opened the passenger front door.  The hawk stayed where he was.  The man tried to get the hawk to move, but the hawk stayed there, even though the door was now open and he could easily fly away.  After a few minutes, the man gently touched the hawk’s talons and he finally flew away.  My gratitude and relief was palpable.

The stranger patted my shoulder kindly and told me I could now go home.  I’m sure that when he went home to tell his family of the hawk in the lady’s jeep, they thought it was an incredible story.  But assured that the hawk was now not my co-pilot, I got back in my car, turned the ignition and one of my favorite holiday songs, Pachelbel Canon in D came on the radio.  As I listened to the soothing sounds, I took a deep breath and relaxed.

But not for long.

For as I put the car in reverse, looked behind me and began to back up, the little sparrow must have been startled and flew from the back to the front of my car, alighting on my head, his claws getting stuck in my hair which I had twisted up into a clip on the top of my head.  Immediately I screamed, threw the car into park and jumped out of the car.  I was jumping up and down, screaming now without any way to stop.  Thank goodness there were no other cars moving around the parking lot that day.

Because of the frenzy of my carrying on, a few men came out of the store.  I kept stuttering, There’s a bbbiiiirrrd in my car!  There was a hawk (hiccup) and now he’s gone but there was a bird in my hair!!!  The men looked at me, distraught blonde, over the edge in fear and anxiety and they laughed among themselves.  Just as I had each of them go to a door of my jeep, the original man came out of the store and took his spot by the trunk.  They opened all the doors of my jeep, checked inside and after a few minutes, deemed it bird free.  I am ever grateful for the kindness of strangers.

Again, I got back into the driver’s seat, blubbering, hyperventilating and incredulous as to what had just happened.  As I wiped my eyes, nose and face with a tissue, I took another deep breath to calm myself and calling a friend, I drove home slowly, birdless with an incredible tale for ages to come.

Has anything ever happened to you like this?  Please share as I’d love to hear your stories!

Shine On!



17 thoughts on “True Story ~ Close Encounter With A Hawk!

  1. Oh my!!! I am not a fan of nature appearing in the car, Yvonne!! When I was a young driver I noticed what looked like a “stick” stuck to the headliner just above the driver’s side window. When I noticed it had legs, I almost crashed the car!! That was my first experience with a “stick bug!”

    Anyway…I now believe that when we have specific encounters with nature…that there are messages to understand. Look up whatever type …your bird…or dragonfly…with the word totem after it…you will find meaning in the visits!

    Much love to you!! ♡♡

    • The hawk happened years ago, but the dragonfly was this past weekend. I have been noticing transformations which is what they say for the totems. Thanks for checking in! Hope you are doing great xo

  2. Am I a bad person for laughing through the telling of your trauma Yvonne? I’m sorry, I can easily imagine MY reaction if you changed the bird(s) to something with 8 legs and multiple eyes! I am thankful this happened in a parking lot and not on the highway though…things could have been so much worse. The hawk’s behavior does intrigue me though…following the sparrow, sure…but to stay, perched on the window that way, is amazing. He obviously had no fear of humans, is used to being at the top of his particular food chain.

    • Golly, no! It is a funny experience which I think loses a bit of the gaity when it was written because I act it out when I tell it (which isn’t often) but it’s a great funny story. The hawk was really interesting as he wasn’t afraid and wasn’t going to leave his newfound perch in the window of my car. And he was big! He took up the entire passenger window of a jeep cherokee. Not a small hawk and powerful. This happened years ago, but it’s still a favorite story of mine to tell. And that I’m afraid of birds is the kicker! I’m not as afraid now, but wary all the same.

    • I still laugh when I tell the story and I get a kick out of others who are laughing for it is funny. I can’t imagine how crazy I looked while I was losing my mind with the birds! I am sure it is a story that has been retold to gales of laughter and I’m happy it brings laughter! ♥

  3. I think I’ve had bugs and spiders in my car but not much panics me. My daughter has an unnatural fear of birds as well. With my mother, it was cats. Who knows what causes it but I try not to be so afraid that I lose my cool. Hawks are messengers. Spiritual messengers. You were blessed and didn’t know it. I thinks snakes would have given me the same reaction when I was younger. Now, I work hard to avoid them but again would try not to panic. But then, I’ve always been the cool head in emergencies. 🙂 Have a wonderful day.

    • Marlene, it doesn’t surprise me that you are a cool head in emergencies and that’s something I wish I had (although I’m trying hard to develop it). I watched ‘The Birds’ movie as a child and it scarred me I think which is why I have such a fear. Have a lovely day and thanks for stopping by! ♥

  4. Yvonne what an amazing visit from that bird, he was trying to show you that they are amazing creatures. I have a spider phobia which I am trying to deal with living where I live. Spiders in my car are heart attack material for me. So I do understand your fear, only a bird in my car would have been an amazing experience. Love the photo, your little bird may have hit something and was stunned, they need a rest to gather themselves and you get to talk to them when this happens. Fantastic story.

    • Thanks Kath, I’m scared of spiders too. I hope your car stays spider-free! 🙂 I never thought that my little bird was hurt because he seemed to be listening intently as I spoke to him, but your idea is certainly feasible as to why he didn’t skedaddle and fly away when I first saw him. Whatever the reason, I was grateful to connect with him ~ just like I feel to connect with you! ♥

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