Angelic Visitors


Sky-filled with angelic clouds was how I was greeted the other morning.  Luckily before the winds moved the clouds too far, I was able to get a photo of what I deem a sky filled with angels, just waiting for me to notice them.

What do you think?  Do the cloud formations look like angels to you?  Or is it just me?  Can you see the angels gliding through the sky with your imagination?  Do you even believe in angels?

I do believe in angels and in spiritual encounters.  I myself, have dreamed that I died and went to Heaven and told you about it in a previous blog post here.   So for me, it was a natural assumption that these were angelic clouds reminding me of the peace in my life, the blessings that are mine by Divine Right and the fact that I am grateful every single day to be here with you.

Lately I’ve been having dreams that include my Dad (who’s passed) and a few others who have passed as well.  I am thinking that perhaps their presence in my dreams is actually them visiting me, to give me a message that they are still with me.  But then again, maybe it’s simply my mind processing new information or going back to kind memories.  The funny thing is that all those who have passed, when they are in my dreams, they are not how I remembered them at the end.  Instead, in my dreams, they are vibrant, young and happy.  How wonderful is that!

Have you ever had any angelic experiences?  Please share as I love to read them!  I hope and pray you have a lovely, peaceful Sunday ~ that you find gratitude in the smallest of blessings in your life and that you cherish and love those around you for kindness and a loving heart expand the heartlight of the Universe which we are all a part of today.

Shine On!


29 thoughts on “Angelic Visitors

  1. I share what you talk about here to include the dreaming of loved ones who’ve passed. I’m never sure either if it’s an actual visit or my brain comforting me about the loss. It doesn’t matter does it? Interesting post – your not alone! 🙂
    And yes, those clouds do look like angels to me — love that you “looked up” and captured such an image. The sky is an endless generator for such pictures!

  2. You sent my eyes and my mind to a happy place, thank you. And yes, I absolutely do believe in angels, and I ask for their help on occasion. I know when I get answers and insights that are not my typical thoughts or solutions. You’ve said it so well, too. Thank you for your wonderful reminder that we are all part of something so awesome.
    Have a delightful day!

  3. Wispy. Dreamy. Angelic. Reminds me of:

    The clouds were doing unoriginal things
    With grandeur yesterday, moving paintings
    From here to there, slowly dispersing
    Gangs of angels. Today there’s nothing,
    Nothing but a camera taking nothing.
    Summer. Weather. Nothing could be clearer.

    Howard Moss, from section 1 of “Bay Days,” New Selected Poems (Atheneum, 1985)

  4. Actually, I had a dream date with Mr C last night, which is always bittersweet. He had “Little A” (infant child of a friend who passed) with him. Then again, in the light of day, the image is very reminicent of a picture I have on my fridge of him and Princess Peanut… which is very similar to a picture of him with me at my first birthday party. I prefer to believe that he did stop by so I could see his peace and joy.

    • I believe he showed you his peace and joy. Find comfort in the dream dear friend. I think he may have validated the photo of you and him together so that you knew it was him and he could let you know how he loves you and knows you love him. Big heartfelt hugs to you as always xoxo

  5. I think I did tell you once about my Angel encounter. They are all around all the time. Sometimes they whisper in my ear but I know I am never alone. There is no doubt in my mind. I’m an Angel collector and see them everywhere. I see them in your clouds too. 🙂

    • Marlene, I love that you are so very connected with your angels. Keep up the beautiful work that you do! I am grateful you saw the angel in my cloud photo…thank you xo

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  7. Those around Moses once complained why God spoke directly to Moses and not them. God told them: “To you I speak in your dreams, but Moses I speak to directly.” So perhaps God allows our loved one’s to visit us in dreams.
    I believe we all are assigned by God a guardian angel. I pray the following to mine each night:
    “Angel of God, my guardian dear,
    to whom God’s love commits me here.
    Ever this day be at my side,
    to light, guard, rule and guide.”

  8. Oh I do love a good cloud formation, simply beautiful Yvonne. My father had an experience once with major surgery, when he woke the pain was so bad he prayed for it to stop. He felt a heavy hand on his shoulder and the pain went away. When he opened his eyes no one was there. I believe in angels too.

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