Can You Please Send A Hug?

sendahugCan You Please Send A Hug?

It’s not often that I ask for hugs, but I could use a lil’ one today.  If you happen to have an extra hug, or a smile, or an extra kiss you can blow to me so that I can catch it and place it on my cheek, I would be so appreciative.  I promise to send you back all the sweetness that you send to me and more.

There’s nothing really wrong today.  Nothing worse than the usual up and down in my world so don’t be alarmed.  I just need a little extra warmth today for whatever reason ~ and I’m not even sure I know the reason I’m asking for it.

Heartlight is a bit dim today.  I’d be grateful for any you could spare.

Thanks for being you.  You are loved, by me.

Shine On!


69 thoughts on “Can You Please Send A Hug?

  1. Thank you for calling for what you need, my friend. Know that big hugs, warm thoughts, and California sunshine are all being sent your way. Feel free to send cloudy days and rain my way.

    • Love to you Karen. Thank you…much needed, feeling better these days and so grateful for all of your kindness. Love, peace and happiness back to you as well. ♥

  2. I’m sending you the biggest hug I can squeeze through the universe. I’m sure these last few dreary days didn’t help your mood. The sun came out, here, this afternoon, and it was glorious. I hope the predicted sunny days will help lift your spirits.

    • Thanks Kathy…doing much better these days especially with all of the loving hugs. So happy we’ve had sunny days again. You lifted my spirits…hope I do the same for you! ♥

    • Thanks for understanding Marlene. Those days have passed now…and I am welling up with all the hugs and love that poured forth when I simply asked for a hug. How blessed I feel. Know I am sending you a heartfelt hug too. xo

    • Oh Natalie, I feel those incredible hugs of yours!! Thank you so much dear friend. Please feel the heartfelt hugs I’m returning as I am strengthened by all the love. ♥

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  4. Hugs, prayers, go get em, chin up, you can do it, 😘🙏🏻👍👏 . Applause, Yea! You are so capable and strong! More hugs, and encouraging pats on the back. All will be well.

    • Wendy, many heartfelt thankful hugs to you for all your understanding and loving support. I feel it. May it boomerang back to you as well from my heart! ♥ xo

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