See With Your Heartlight


It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;

what is essential is invisible to the eye.

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince

This quote found me this morning and I knew I had to share it with you.  Have you ever read The Little Prince?  What do you remember about it?  Please share below!

Shine On!


17 thoughts on “See With Your Heartlight

  1. Hi Misifusa, i agree that the heart sees what the eyes may not. These are the emotions and conscious thoughts that have been embedded over our life time which stems from our background and life experiences that we have garnered through our senses. Having said that, my experiences have taught me that if you only rely on your heart, you may tend to be swayed by emotions at the expense of pragmatism and logic that comes from the mind. Our heart and mind should have a symbiotic relationship to process our thoughts that lead to our words and actions. The exact balance how much of heart and mind to apply is situational. It could be 10%-90%, 50%-50% or any other combination. My take is to examine the logic and then feel with your heart, if it’s a tie and you have to choose then follow your heart ……

    🙂 Cheers and thanks for allowing me to express my 2 cents

    • John, I love your comment and I appreciate your 2 cents as priceless! I HEARTily agree that heart and mind combination is key to peace within ourselves and peace with all aspects of our lives. I am ever grateful for your comment and your presence here. Cheers to a lovely week ahead for you!

  2. Marvelous quote — I have read the book in both French (Le Petit Prince) and English and remember it fondly as making my spirit soar.

    John Kennedy Paulose has an interesting perspective in his comments. I have often said of someone, as a compliment, that they have a wonderful balance of heart and head. We are given both as marvelous gifts, and I agree that we’re expected to use both. From a Christian perspective, it’s an interesting mystery, though, because much scripture clearly speaks of Christ’s way as seeming foolish. That’s why we need the discernment of Spirit.

    • Beautifully written Elizabeth. Thank you for taking the time to expand on this message! I love that you have read it in both languages! Woo HOO! How wonderful to enjoy it multilingually! ♥

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