Rest in Peace, Dr. Wayne Dyer


“We are not our bodies, our possessions

or our careers.

Who we are is Divine Love

and that is Infinite.”

~Dr. Wayne Dyer

One of my favorite authors whose words have inspired me time and again passed away.  Today’s post is dedicated to Dr. Wayne Dyer who is the author of many books, cd’s and movies which I have enjoyed over the years.  This is the quote and photo which his family put on his FB page today.

Rest in Peace Wayne on your Continuation Day.

Shine On!


22 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, Dr. Wayne Dyer

  1. I am just finding this out from you. What a loss for the world and the universe. So glad I was able to see him speak and experience that energy. I am sad for me and happy for him

    • That’s how I feel Susan as well. It was said he wasn’t afraid of dying and there are a few of us who feel that way as well. Even knowing that though makes it hard to hear that he’s not here anymore. I get it. Sorry to deliver the sad news to you. ♥

  2. My wife and I have many of his audio books and often one of us has a favorite playing in the background …and always in his own voice. We will miss him much, but likely listen to him even more often. It seems I’ll never stop battling with my erroneous zones! RIP old friend.

    Thanks, Y 🙂

    • I understand. What a marvelous legacy to leave, don’t you think? So happy that you have his voice on tape! I do as well ~ I find it soothing to listen to as I’m sure you do as well. Thanks Paul. 🙂

  3. He certainly had a wonderful legacy of helping us “shift the way we look at things.” Thank you Wayne Dyer – you shifted a lot of us!

    • I don’t know the details, but I heard he had a form of leukemia for a long while. If you find out, please let me know. He taught us all a lot. Just funny that I never saw anything in the news about his passing. Did you? ♥

  4. Wayne Dyer was among the pioneers in the self-help/human potential genre, and I dare say his fingerprints are all over many others who have become “greats” in the field. I did know of his passing, and I join you in paying tribute to a man who made a difference. May he inspire us all to do the same.

  5. Holy cow!! I don’t watch news anymore so I didn’t know. He had all his ducks in order before he left to do other great work, elsewhere. He had a way of taking information he learned, turning it around to make more sense and then helping us “get it”. Always the avid student of life he was so generous with what he learned. Guess he decided it was time to move on. He will be missed but he left quite a legacy behind.

  6. I was so sad to hear this news. I have learned SO MUCH from this man, and he has given me peace during difficult times. Fortunately his great body of work remains, and will continue to be a source of comfort and inspiration.

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