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I love music as you may already know.  I used to sing in the church choir when I was a child and adored certain hymns especially the Christmas ones which I know by heart.  A few years ago, our church began to stray from the old standard hymns into a new age type of song which none of us knew.  Since I know how to read music, I had hoped that we would be given the lyrics and notes in order to follow along.  I’m not truly against new songs, but only if I can figure out how to sing them.  But we were only given the words and had to follow along with the cantor.  For me, it wasn’t easy.

I think that’s the way it is in life sometimes too.  Our traditions or the way we thought our lives were going sometimes get jumbled.  The tune of the song which we’ve been singing for years gets changed and we don’t know the new song nor how to sing it.  We stumble because now we’ve lost the tune and the words.  We can try for a bit and just sing the universal la la la but after awhile, it’s clear that we have no idea what’s going on and that’s when we have to listen, become aware and move forward.  Love the traditions but remain open to new ideas, new music and new ways.

For me, singing is another way to pray.  So when I’m all out of prayers, a little uplifting music is harmony to my ears and peace to my soul.  I’ve found that there are sweet examples of religious music which aren’t all about Hallelujah nor pigeon-holed into a certain sect of Christianity.  The songs Amazing Grace and Morning Has Broken are examples which come to mind.  For me, there’s a sense of deep peace which beckons my heart and soul when I hear these songs.  They break the wall of tears which I hold in place so carefully.  It’s freeing you know, to cry to a song which holds so much emotional purpose in your life.  It’s a good way to clear out the tear ducts and bathe your tired eyes.  It’s a cleansing of sorts to let go and allow the peace of God to drain your sadness and fill up your heartlight again with peaceful, kind love and understanding.

Amy Grant is a christian singer whose songs have brought me much joy.  Her album The Collection came out in 2007 and was given to me as a gift from AAngel.  I’ve found much peace and love in her music.  I just thought I’d share one of her songs with you today as a good example of new music which I’ve learned to love.

What’s your favorite hymn or song?  I’d love to know so please share!

Shine On!


16 thoughts on “Sing Your Praise

  1. I’ve always enjoyed “A Might Fortress is our God” and “On Eagle’s Wings.” Like you, I prefer to have the notes in front of me to have an idea of how a hymn is supposed to sound. There is something freeing to let music speak.

  2. You’ll Never Walk Alone holds a special place in my heart (I sang it solo at my High School graduation and had tears running down my face the whole time…didn’t care though and neither did the audience) Amazing Grace was played at my Dad’s funeral and as per usual, regardless of the fact of where I was and why…I was singing through the tears right along with it. It made me feel better and my Dad would have expected me to.

    • Rhonda you are such a special soul and reading your comment makes me just want to hug you. I wish I could hear you sing! Your Dad is so proud of you, your Superman. I remember xo

    • Beautiful Elizabeth! Thank you for including the sites! I don’t know the first one but the second is one of my favorites as well! A grateful smile to you for this beautiful music today. ♥

  3. Wonderful post, Yvonne.
    Might I suggest: “You are mine,” by Davis Haas. One of my favorites.
    Archbishop Sheen says that original is to humanity what a sour note struck is to a musical piece. Once struck it cannot be retrieved. And for the moment it ruins the piece and breaks the harmony. His solution is to take that one note and make it the first note of a new and beautiful symphony. Harmony is then restored as it is through baptism and solidified on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

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