Do You Pray?


“All I know is that when I pray,

coincidences happen;

and when I don’t pray,

they don’t happen.”

– Dan Hayes

Do you pray?  Do you believe in the power of prayer?  I’d love to hear your experiences this lovely Sunday!

Please share below!

Shine On!


36 thoughts on “Do You Pray?

  1. If you mean that the word pray is a way of making an attempt to make a conscious contact with a power greater than myself, then yes I pray! I dont necessarily get prostrate or in any particular position physically to do it!!

  2. I’ve heard it said that prayer is talking to the Divine and meditation is listening to the Divine. I do both!
    When I wad going through cancer treatment I could really feel the power of those praying for me. It was an unwavering feeling that I was being carried and everything was going to be ok
    I make and sell natural healthy skincare and I pray over my products that they will help those who use them.
    Prayer is healthy!

    • I HEARTIly agree with you Susan. While going through breast cancer, I know that the prayers of others helped me immensely. It’s a joy to hear that you have a thriving business and have turned your cancer into helping others! Attach a link so others can see what you sell! ♥

  3. Yes, I pray. I have experienced first hand the miracle of prayer. I just bought Charles Stanley’s book called Prayer: The Ultimate Conversation (haven’t started it yet but plan to soon). I’m also starting to keep a prayer journal which I think will help to “grow” my prayer life. .

    • I love that this happens for you as it does for me too. Sometimes I pray before I answer someone or before I get out of bed. Sometimes I just pray in the spur of the moment hoping that He will hear me.

  4. Hey Yvonne, I pray everyday and also in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. It is interesting one of the comments was re Charles Stanley. I listened to him this morning and he was reading from the Old Testament about Gideon and how the angels gave him instructions from God. All I could think was how lucky Gideon was that he had a source of info and direction. I struggle daily with the course of my life and the directions I am moving and wished I had an angel to tell me what to do. And out of the blue you called. You are my angel sent from god and gave me so much hope, faith and love I can never repay. God does work in mysterious ways. I love you and we all love you. Thank you for being you. Xoxoxoxoxo

    • Michele, you are loved. Coincidences happen when we pray and perhaps they can be seen as miracles as well? You got your answer, but not in the way you thought you would. How delightful when we think about it and how so much lined up in that way for us to talk! Love you all. You are always in my prayers. xoxo

  5. Oh I have to agree with Dan 100%. I know it works. I’m alive because of prayer and prayers have been answered too often in my life for them to be anything else but the answer to prayer. Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

  6. So many answers here that I relate too. I could tell you stories but they would take too much room. The answer is yes in short. The long answer is that I have a continual conversation with my source all day long. I’ve been seen driving down the highway with my lips moving like I’m on the phone. It’s that virtual phone that keeps me connected. 🙂

    • Marlene, I love your comment ♥ ~ ♥ especially the last line because I’ve been known to do the same. I am hoping most people think I’m on the phone ~ the heavenly one! LOL

  7. Yes Yvonne I do, I read a book about a Neurosurgeon who went to heaven (Proof of Heaven) and back and he explained that he could see or feel the streams of prayers for him and that it is very important to pray. So many people in this world need our prayers.

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