Who’s In Your Family?


When asked the above question, most people will, without thinking, rattle off a list of names which includes parents, siblings, spouse, children, grandparents, inlaws and may even begin to delve into further branches of the family tree.  An occasional animal lover may include pets, both present and past as leaves in the family tree.  We consider family as the blood-line or those connected through marriage or living situations.

I get it.  Because that’s what we’ve been taught.

But what if everyone in the world were a part of your family?  What if your family wasn’t confined to your DNA gene pool and instead based on loving connections with other souls?  What if kindness, understanding, friendship and love were the basis of family?  Could you imagine your soul family then?  Would it include those in your traditional family unit?

I am a leaf/branch/part of a traditional family unit.   I could rattle off names of family members both past and present with ease.  But I am learning about soul family units as well and I’m finding it really interesting so I want to share what I know from connecting with others.

A Soul Family is one which may or may not have DNA included in the dynamic.  In fact, many times, those who are part of a soul family do not share genetics nor any other branch of the traditional family unit as we know it.  They are souls who connect on a deeper level if you will.  I’m not saying that traditional family members do not have the ability to do this as well, because I have witnessed it myself.  But there are ties that bind us in a soul family that defy earthly rules.  For we are all souls with earthly bodies.  Just because you aren’t related to someone doesn’t preclude being a part of a soul family.  We are all connected as energy and expanding our loving connections only helps to heal and raise the vibrations of peace to this world.

Have you ever heard of a soul family?  Do you have anyone in your lifetime with whom you’ve connected like family and yet there’s no traditional family tree involved?

Shine On!



11 thoughts on “Who’s In Your Family?

  1. Made me smile. Reminded me of the caste Mrs C had for some of my friends. Once you achieved “semi-permanent adopted” status, you were her kid as far as she was concerned. It wasn’t just about love… if you were the closest kid when a bag of smelly trash needed to be taken to the can outside, you got handed it.

  2. Since we all made of the same stuff, we are all connected. There are some we are connected to more than others by how we perceive the world. I have very few material friends. The few I have I cherish with my life. My former sister-in-law is more of a sister in heart. Moving so much in this space time reality means I am always having to let people go. They tire of letters and note. Not quite enough to hold most people. I find most of my close soul connections are online with people who share my view of the kindness of the world. Soul families are something I yearn for like I yearned for a physical family. My children are as close as I can get to another human and they are both such advanced souls that they keep teaching me daily. I may not have explained myself well but had to try.

    • Marlene, I understood completely and you explained yourself beautifully. We are all connected, you are right! I love that your children are teaching you as well ~ they must take after their Mom! We are blessed to be connected. I am grateful for you! ♥

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