Find Your Way Home

findyourwayhomeIf light is in your heart, you will find your way home. ~ Rumi

I love this quote as I write about your heartlight shining often.  I believe that when we lead with our heart, we shine, we grow and we connect with others.  Sometimes, we hide in the darkness of despair, never reaching out to the light which Mother Nature gives us everyday.  A new dawn, a new possibility, and/or a connection can change the way we are looking at our present.  Divine Intervention often delivers miracles, but unless we are actively aware of our heartlight, we can miss even the most obvious blessings.

So keep the light in your heart turned on dear friends.  Even when life seems dreary and stormy.  There is always your heartlight shining, helping to bless your life with peace and love to find your way home.

Shine On!


10 thoughts on “Find Your Way Home

  1. Yvonne,
    We are all capable of a greater good. And in that unfulfilled capabilty is our frustration and sorrow. However, we can achieve it. But, cannot do it ourselves.

    The seed makes use of nutrients in soil to become a flower. And in so doing raises the nutrients to a greater good, a higher level. Nutrients die to themselves, but now are a part of a higher life. They can only accomplish it with the help of the higher life; the flower. They can’t get there themselves.

    So it is with us. A higher life must come down to us to relieve us of our frustration and lift us to that new life which iwe know we are capable of. God, by coming to us in Christ, did that for us. All we need to do is take up our crosses and follow Him, and be raised up.

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