The Owl and the Pussycat


The Owl and the Pussycat

This is a screenshot from a video a friend sent me.  See below the unusual friendship video that was posted on youtube.  It reminds me how if animals who are not normally friends can get along, why can’t we humans?

Think about it.  The internet is chock full of videos and television shows which demonstrate unlikely friendships in the animal world.  It is a joy to watch different species connect on a level that surpasses nature.  Friendship between foes always makes me grateful that there is hope in the world for us all to connect on a spiritual level.  Doesn’t it just raise your faith in the seemingly impossible?  It does mine.

Have you seen any videos such as this?  I’d love to watch them if you would please share below for us all to enjoy!  I am sure that we all have a favorite (if you are into such things).  Next time you feel adamant about not getting along with someone, take a moment to remember Mother Nature’s gift between species.  Not every foe is a true enemy.  Some are precious friends.  Stay open-minded.  We are all connected here.

Shine On!




15 thoughts on “The Owl and the Pussycat

  1. Yvonne,
    Very revealing post.
    Our two little friends respond to reasonless instinct, and therefore adhere to God’s will without question. And from it, from time to time we get something wonderfully unexpected.

    One would think that men and women, who possess that reason, after witnessing such a peaceful co-existence of two distinct species, might, with common sense, think it possible to achieve the same among their same species. But, until humanity is able to adhere to God’s will, as do our little friends; the wonderfully unexpected is unlikely.

    For one who becomes to big for his britches, often ends up on the seat of his pants.

  2. Given that, for the most part, humans are responding to fears and prejudices that are learned and/or culturally supported as opposed to instinctual behavior, you would think it would be easier to overcome.

  3. I am a sucker for those kinds of videos and stories. I have seen so many. Finding them again will take some time. I don’t know how to put the links here. You’ll have to copy ad paste. Yes, given the right set of circumstances, animals will cohabit quite nicely. I’ve often wondered about that. I have a hard time living with people I love. Ended 2 marriages already and prefer living alone. Finding it very hard to cohabit my home with my own son who I love dearly. But we are managing. I think these animals are all doing well because all their needs are being met. My dog and cat thought they were the same. No problems at all. So who knows what the answer is. I say live and let live, somewhere else other than in my home. 😦 I think I’m just worn out.

    • Marlene, at least you know yourself. I appreciate the videos you attached. I will watch them as soon as I finish this reply! I had a dog and cat growing up who were best friends so I understand. Thanks for taking the time and effort to post! Big hugs to you! ♥

      • Oh thank you Marlene! I just watched the videos ~ I can’t wait to watch the new tv show! The deer and great dane’s friendship has lasted so long ~ I love how the deer brought her fawns ‘home’ to meet the dog. I appreciate your effort in finding such adorable videos to post here! ♥

  4. Thanks – so sweet. It’s so simple to just get along, and man’s beliefs just complicate the heck out of it.

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