My Wizard of Oz Theory


This came to me a few nights ago as I closed my eyes to sleep and is my own theory.  Let me know what you think!

I’ve been thinking about how we are all on this journey called life.  We search for answers inside and outside of ourselves.  We connect with others along the way who help us in many ways:  teaching us lessons, supporting us and even sharing similar experiences to bond with us.  Each of us has our own unique journey and we can intersect with eachother’s journeys throughout our lifetime or only for a little while.  But I believe we each leave a distinct mark on humanity by being ourselves.  What type of mark you leave, depends on you.

I remember in The Wizard of Oz the gratitude that each character had when they joined together to travel to the Emerald City to see the All Powerful Oz, each with their own agenda.  As Dorothy travels along the yellow brick road in search of the Wizard because she wants ‘to go home’, she meets up with the Scarecrow whose deepest wish is to ‘have a brain.’  Deciding to travel together, they meet the Tin Man who ‘longs for a heart’ so they invite him to join them.  Further along, the come across the Cowardly Lion, who confesses that he’s ‘searching for courage’ and joins the quest to find the All Powerful Oz.

As you may remember, in the end, they learn that each had what they were searching for right inside of themselves.  It was not the Wizard who bestowed those qualities/characteristics in them, it was they themselves who carried them already, but hadn’t been able to ignite their gifts alone.  Together however, during their journey, the others were able to see that what each of them felt they ‘lacked’ was not lack at all.  They simply hadn’t had the chance to use their potentiality and thus had missed the gifts that they already had inside.

Dorothy carried her ‘home’ inside of her (love, security, confidence).  Scarecrow had a ‘brain’ that he used quite frequently in their travels.  Tin Man’s compassionate ‘heart’ helped him and others along the way.  Cowardly Lion ‘courageously’ to stood up to protect himself and others.

The Wizard acknowledges their quest by giving each of them an outward reminder that they have what they were searching for already.  Scarecrow receives a diploma.  Tin Man gets a testimonial heart-shaped watch and the Lion is pinned with a medal of valor for bravery.  Dorothy is offered a ride home in the Wizard’s hot-air balloon, but misses her chance.  Glinda the Good Witch lets her in on the secret of her ruby slippers and by tapping her heels together three times and repeating, ‘There’s no place like home’ arrives safely back to Kansas.

I often write about connecting with others as a way to not feel so alone and to bond, to strengthen and to open our hearts and minds to a happier life journey.  I guess the parable of The Wizard of Oz just reminds me how when we connect on life’s yellow brick road, we increase our inner lights.  We can acknowledge eachother’s strengths and remind ourselves that we are not alone.  Together we make a difference.  Connected we share experiences and strengthen ourselves and others.  We increase peace and love within the universe by shining our heart lights.

So when I sign off with Shine On, know that I am sending you a ray of my heart light and asking you to do the same wherever you are on the yellow brick road of life.  Shine so others can see you and help you along the way.  Connect your light with joy, compassion and love.  Be grateful for your gifts.  Acknowledge others’ strengths and watch how your own grow in tandem.

Shine On!



In researching The Wizard of Oz theories, I never found anything similar, but I sure did find a lot of theories as to the significance of it here.

*Photo credit The Wizard of Oz from Classic Hollywood Central

20 thoughts on “My Wizard of Oz Theory

  1. I love your theory and this metaphor! Human connectedness truly does serve to help each one of us find our inner resources which really does serve to better our whole world. Thank you always for emitting your heart light to help the rest of us shine on!

  2. Love this metaphor. And I’m fascinated by lulu’s comment above. Maybe the blogosphere is a Yellow Brick Road of sorts. Thank you for shining your light in my life and the lives of so many.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

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