The Present Moment


The past has no power over the present moment.

~ Eckhart Tolle

Sometimes you need to simply exist now.  No looking left nor right, forward nor backward, no past, no future, no maybe if I took that path or this one.  Just being with what is right now.  Letting go of the should, coulda, woulda past decisions and experiences allows you to open the field of presence, to be in the moment and to grasp the reality of this situation at hand.  Beating yourself up over any of it is futile.  It’s done.  Deal with the present situation and work from there.  That’s what YOU can do and move forward.

Please enjoy this special day…it is a gift.  Nobody has a crystal ball of how long any of us have here on Earth.  We have present moment, take The Presents of Presence and be grateful ~ you are here and you are loved!

Shine On!



13 thoughts on “The Present Moment

  1. It so hard because sometimes we gotten to this point only because of our past, only because of left and right. I been wanting to somehow push forward without the chains of the pass

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