Ten Things to Tell a Special Needs Mom

This bears repeating…Happy Mother’s Day to All the Moms out there…you are special, you are loved and you are appreciated. Thanks Kim for your heartfelt post ~ I love your honesty and your dedication to being the best Mom to your 2 sons! You shine!
Shine On!

Autism Mommy-Therapist


Eleven years ago my husband and I entered a developmental pediatrician’s office with our then seventeen-month-old son, Justin. We were both nervous and resigned, anticipating, and in some ways welcoming, the autism diagnosis we were sure our boy would merit. Four years later we would retrace our steps in a different state with our second son, Zach. On this occasion we were much less scared, even eager to get a diagnosis to help us to access services. It wasn’t that we were less concerned about the progress of our second child. It’s just that by then we’d been doing the “autism gig” for the length of a presidential term, and we had a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Those four years had taught me indelibly what it means to be a special needs mom.

I learned so much from my eldest child, and then again from my youngest…

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6 thoughts on “Ten Things to Tell a Special Needs Mom

  1. From a Mum who knows, thanks Yvonne for sharing this blog. All great tips for those just starting out on a different path. Amazing Mum doing a fantastic job. Happy Mother’s Day.

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