Roses For You!


“Don’t strew me with roses after I’m dead. 

When Death claims the light of my brow

no flowers of life will cheer me;

instead you may give me my roses now!”

~ Thomas F. Healey

I’ve always said that I’d prefer my flowers now and not on my casket.  So let me take this moment to tell you all in writing how I feel.  Not that I’m going anywhere soon (as far as I know), but when I found this rose photo and then the quote above, well, I just thought it was time to talk about it.

How do you feel about flowers?  Would you prefer to have some fresh flowers around the house now ~ cut flowers in a pretty vase or in your garden to enjoy while you’re alive ~ or flowers strewn across your casket after you are gone?  I am not trying to take away from anyone else’s traditions, this is just my own point of view here.

I want to enjoy the fragrance of sweet roses, lilacs, gardenias and honeysuckle now while I’m alive and able to smell their heavenly fragrance instead of having them go to waste when I’m dead.  I want to delight in the springtime daffodils, tulips and crocus as they brave the beginnings of the Springtime thaw from Winter.  I delight in the beauty and aroma of all flowers (with the exception of lilies whose smell makes me feel a bit sick).

How do you feel about flowers after you are gone?  Would you prefer to enjoy them while you are alive?  And/or do you imagine a casket festooned with flowers to go onto the next chapter of your journey?

What’s your favorite flower?

Just wondering…

Shine On!


P.S.  Just an FYI, a small bouquet of fragrant pink roses for me will be fine after I’m gone.

P. P. S.  I’m not planning on leaving anytime soon though! ♥

22 thoughts on “Roses For You!

  1. Glad to hear it Yvonne 😉
    I like the idea of a small bouquet of my favorite flowers/plants. These are hostas and roses – just like my wedding bouquet 🙂

  2. I love this post. And I feel the same way as you do.

    A few years ago, I abandoned my hyper-frugal ways and started buying fresh flowers for our dining room table. And after planting one I received from a friend on my birthday, I began gifting Hydrangea plants and flowers to my friends. I cut flowers from our yard for my mom’s grave. It feels nurturing to do that.

    As far as when I’m gone, I’d like everyone to do what makes them feel good. As a photographer, flowers are some of my very favorite subjects. 😄

    For you…🌷🌸💐🌹🌻🌺🌼

    • I have a bunch of hydrangeas in my yard. I truly love them too! What a great idea to give plants of flowers instead of cut ones to friends to remember you by ~ I think I may start to do the same. Thank you for the wonderful idea. Love the flowers that you gave me! Thank you Lori Lara! I am sure your Mom is grateful for your kind gesture as always. ♥ Big hugs to you.

  3. With my allergies, I have to be careful of keeping them to close to me…

    Ever since Sam T’s mom helped build little bouquets of daisies, yellow roses, and purple statice for my pals in the school musical one year, I’ve loved the combination.

    the language of flowers, statice symbolizes remembrance; daisy symbolizes innocence; and yellow rose symbolizes joy, friendship, and good healt.;

  4. I love the idea of enjoying the beauty of flowers now! I also wonder – flowers when people have passed, are they for the one who’s gone or as much for those who are still alive, as a symbol of the beauty of the life the person represented. Either way, i think some flowers now and later are good! 🙂

    • I believe you are right Vicki ~ whatever anyone chooses is fine with me. I love the idea that the flowers represent the beauty of the life the person represented. I guess I was thinking along more frugal lines and the fact that I wouldn’t be enjoying them myself. But the idea that they are for the living as well as the deceased is a sweet reminder to me. Thank you. ♥

  5. Also glad to hear you won’t be going anywhere soon!! Truthfully I would love the flowers now, but since I am allergic (only in the past few years) I guess I would prefer them when I am gone – so that when my children see the flowers they gave me they will think of me.
    My husband would give me flowering bushes for Easter and Mothers day(he tried bulbs a few times, but I either plant to shallow and the squirrels have a feast or too deep and they never see the light of day. {sigh}) he always told me he preferred to give me flowers that last so I would have them every year as a reminder of his love – trust me he was not a romantic person but he was sentimental. Sadly I had to get rid of the two beautiful lilac bushes in my yard, when they were in full bloom I could not venture outside. But the memories of the joy and his love remain of all the roses, lilacs, some pink flowering bush and others. I am thankful he started that tradition. On occasion he would still buy some tulip bulbs and bouquets of carnations – my favorite flowers. thanks for this post and that wonderful memory. I am getting to be a sentimental old lady here!! lol

    • I love the presents your hubby gave you ~ what sweet reminders of his love for you Patty. I feel connected as I’m a sentimental lady too! Guess that’s why we bonded! I hope all is well with you. You’ve been on my mind. ♥ Sending virtual carnations your way. xo

      • thank you for the hug, yes I thank God every day for Tom and the good memories. as Anne of Green Gables would say kindred spirits are not so rare as she thought…(I am sure that is not a dirext quote!) glad you are a kindred spirit.

    • I agree with you Princess Rosebud that I love all flowers and even ‘flowering weeds’ hold a special bit of my heartstrings. So sorry you are allergic to roses! Yikes! Lilacs, lily of the valley and forsythia are lovely as well. Thanks for stopping by! So happy to see you here my friend! ♥

  6. There can be lots of ways to look at this subject. I for one don’t plan on a casket but flowers or plants for my children might be nice. Flowers are always for those left behind. I also like to enjoy them now. I love when someone brings fresh flowers and I’m looking for ways to grow house plants in a dark house. Growing things makes the spirit feel alive. I’m grateful I’m allergic to nothing. I can enjoy everything that grows as much as possible. I send lots of flowers to friends to cheer them or just put a few posies on their porch to lift a glum day.

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