Love Lasts


 Understand that you own nothing, everything that surrounds you is temporary, only the love in your heart will last forever.

~ Leon Brown

Having been through a recent death in the family and the subsequent cleaning out of a house, I’ve learned first hand how the above quote resonates in life.  For once you pass, none of the physical items you’ve accumulated mean anything to you anymore for you are beyond and not needing them.  What is left in this physical world is the reminder of a life well-lived, items to be shared and returned and treasured along with the memories of a loved one who has passed.

What remains though, most importantly, are the memories of your loved one, the love that you shared, the connection that was forged over time and strengthened through moments of kindness, love and friendship.  The love that will last forever is the legacy of a life.

It is the impact of your life on others’ lives that remains ~ whatever it may be, however you chose to live, to connect and to be in your own loving heart.  I think that may be the question that is given to you at the Pearly Gates.  How did you spend your life?  Was it helping others?  Was it sharing your love?  Was it in finding the good, being optimistic and being kind?  Did you try to do your best?

It is hard, even knowing a life was well-lived.  To say goodbye is not easy.  To dismantle a home once filled with love and happy memories makes me feel bereft at times.  Perhaps I am too sensitive.  Perhaps too much on my plate.  Perhaps I feel empathy and sympathy deeper than most.  Perhaps…just perhaps.

Happy Monday!

Shine On!






18 thoughts on “Love Lasts

  1. My heart is with you dear friend!!! Feel what you need to feel…it is better that way. Honor it…don’t question the depth of your heart….I know how deep it is!!! ❤ ❤

  2. I’m with you Yvonne, in heart and spirit…I’m finding it takes a long time to do because of all the memories. Maybe not a bad thing, to pick up an item and be stopped with tears only to find myself smiling a little while later for the memories conjured. It truly is the love that is left that keeps us going, and I’ve found too, that it’s the love that allows us to let go of some of these worldly things, hoping there’s someone out there who’ll make new memories, or just benefit from something obviously loved and taken care of. I don’t know, but it makes it easier to think so. Love you my friend…xoxo

  3. So sorry for your loss dear Yvonne.
    There are simply no words for when we lose a loved one.
    May the good times & memories forever live in your heart.

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