What Counts

WhatCounts“Count your age by friends, not years.

Count your life by smiles, not tears.”

~ John Lennon

I love my birthday week ~ the birthday eve, the birthday itself and then following days which I find blissful.  I have always loved my birthday and I can only say that it’s become more precious to me as the years pass.  Probably because I continue to be so grateful that I am still here after all I’ve endured.  I find the dawn most pleasant for the new day ~ the optimism which embraces me as I rise to greet the morning.  I love dusk as well, for as I prepare to lay my head on the pillow, I hold most sacred that I have tried to be a good person (and if I haven’t, then I ask forgiveness).

I have been blessed with an abundance of birthday greetings which nestle into my heart to hold for the coming year.  Knowing that I have had so many sweet people take a moment out of their busy lives to say hello and wish me well has swollen my heart and soul with so much love!  My heartfelt thanks to all of you! ♥

I love the above quote which I got via email from Contagious Optimism today.  How perfect for me to share today!  I begin my mornings by reading a few positive emails from different places and this is one of my favorites!  You can sign up to receive a quick inspirational quote every morning from them.  Make sure you take a moment to check them out!  Just a little tidbit of positivity for you!

May you find peace within today and always.  May your lives be filled with love and joy.  May you feel blessed, for you truly are.  Thanks for connecting with me.  You are simply the best!

Shine On!


11 thoughts on “What Counts

  1. I love Birthdays too!! Mine and everybody else’s!! Is it tomorrow your Birthday is? Oh, you must be so excited!! I hope your family will do something wonderful for you! 🙂 ❤

  2. This is a beautiful post. Have a wonderful birthday week. I love my birthdays too and do not lie about my age. I’m grateful too, as you are, for every year and day I get. Everyday above ground is a good day for me.

    • That’s how I feel as well ~ I’m here. I’m happy that I made it to my birthday and I celebrate all the good moments in my life and there are many. I embrace my whole life as well as many sad moments have served me well to make the good ones feel even better! ♥

  3. Happy Birthday, Yvonne! Of course, you are a spring girl! I am so glad that you are celebrating birthdays and sharing your journey with me. I am grateful for your friendship. We are surviving and growing together, my friend. May the next year ahead be filled with wonder, joy, and peace.

    • Thank you Vicki for your lovely comment! I love your wish for me and please know I wish the same for you! I am grateful that we’ve connected and that we are both still here to shine our lights! Shine on dear Vicki! ♥

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