What’s on the other side of every fear?

freedom1“Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom.”

~ Marilyn Ferguson

Sit with this for a moment.  Allow the quote to enter your mind, your heart and your spirit.  Do you hear it?  Do you feel that little ta-dum beat in your heart of hope springing forward?  Does your mind suddenly get excited to remove the fears from you in order to embrace FREEDOM?!  Does your breathing skip a breath for a moment in anticipation of what may come your way?  Does your spirit feel less burdened with the happy possibility that you just might heart, mind, soul, spirit and body decide to do away with fear?  Can you feel the energy blossoming within you?  Feel the buzzing of excitement?  Feel the idea of freedom begin to take root, driving the feeling of imprisoning fear from you just a little bit?

That’s how I felt when I sat quietly and thought about this quote.

I would love to hear what your reaction is to the quote above when you actually sit for a moment and contemplate it.  Does your body recoil back into fear of the unknown and uncertainty of how to deal with freedom?  Or does it get giddy in the anticipation that you might just take the first baby step towards freedom?

Please share below ~ I always enjoy hearing from you and how certain quotes affect us all!

Shine On!


19 thoughts on “What’s on the other side of every fear?

  1. I certainly do believe this quote. It saddens my heart when I see many hold on to fear because they fear the unknown of what’s on the other side more than the discomfort of the fear itself.

    • How true Brenda ~ but we can only try to help them and ourselves to move from fear. I think it’s a conscious effort on everyone’s part. It helps when you have a friend to connect with and to hold hands as we move through life. ♥

  2. So many of us (me) get used to our walls, our pit, our prison…getting out of the box is hard. For example: I took my motorcycle cert course and all I wanted was my own bike and to be out there with my husband and friends. I have my bike. I’m working on my skills. But I find that what is the hardest is breaking out of my “what if” walls, and breaking free to enjoy. Sometimes freedom is scarier than walls. We just have to take the leap and let go of the stupid walls.

  3. We are ultimately eternal divine beings, there is no end or beginning, only now, which releases all fear, as we rest in this peaceful presence. Waking up to our divinity, we connect as one. Heart to heart Robyn

    • How true Laurie…there is a tender holding in the middle of the chaos of fear. To sit with the moment and feel the fear is most definitely a way out of it…and through it…and to learn from it. You are a shining example of this! Thanks for keeping us all inspired. ♥

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