Crossing Linear Thinking with Spherical Thinking

What do you get when you cross a linear thinker and a spherical thinker together?



You are right, you get opportunity!

The opportunity:

to stretch,

to focus,

to enrich,

to collaborate,

and to make this world a better place!

There is no better way of thinking.  The fact is, we need both sets of learners and thinkers in this world to enrich our lives with the dimensions that only our differences unite.  In collaborating different thinking styles, we enrich our world with new knowledge, power and a fresh take on peace, love and ambiguity.  We allow a bit of wiggle room to be embraced so that we can meet our goals of peace, love, freedom and happiness for all who dwell on our planet Earth.  Without this collaboration, we exist not understanding part of the population and adding dysfunction to an already chaotic world because we do not try to understand each other.  Instead, we keep our blinders on or we turn around spherically incessantly without focus so that we can no longer be productive or connect with others on a level which benefits each party.  Time and time again we watch as nations clash, people clash, parties disagree and the chaotic misunderstandings continue to grow with each opposing faction holding strong their fervent pleas without stepping back for a moment to assess the entire situation.

Imagine a world where we would keep our integrity, shine our heart lights and still be able to meet peacefully with all other human beings no matter the situation ~ to have Linear Thinkers and Spherical Thinkers unite and work together towards a common goal with understanding, collaboration and peace-filled sanctity ~ to believe that we could work towards the higher good of man in a way in which nobody gets trod upon, nobody’s defensive and there is no cheating the system.  Wowsza.  Only in my dreams.

But dreams can become a reality.  We’ve seen it often enough that dreams can prove to move mountains and change lives and better mankind.  So why can’t world peace be something?  Why is it that the will of man to compete, to have better, stronger, faster, slow down our progress because we live with blinders on in a such a fast-paced world?  Why is it that we’ve developed the habit of watching reality shows in unbelievable situations that do not raise us up nor raise up those involved, but instead tend to force the willingness to dig into the ugly, the evil, and increase the base feelings of jealousy, anger, resentment, competitiveness?

Where is the light that shines? 

Where is the sun that warms the entire Earth equally just as the Universe intended? 

Why can’t we embrace our differences, share our points of view and enrich our lives by each taking a bit of what the other has to offer?  Not to make us all the same, mind you.  Oh no, that’s not what I’m proposing!  I want us all to live tolerant and understanding and even applauding our differences, yet embracing our own worthiness and uniqueness with a heart light that shines brightly in the world.  It’s like having a million stars right here on planet Earth who shine, each with their own unique heart light which beams with love and light.

I see your heart lights shining ~ each a special beam of loving light that is uniquely yours!

You are loved for being you!

Shine On!


21 thoughts on “Crossing Linear Thinking with Spherical Thinking

  1. All i can visualize after your post is an arrow flying through a circle…..a perfect cross-section of impact and mass into unity and balance. Beautiful post.

  2. I wish that too Yvonne! 🙂 ❤ Sometimes I think people focus too much on sameness, and too less on uniqueness. I have lived in so many countries and I think focusing on how we are different is a way to spread tolerance and love not judgement and hate. When we learn that we have different way of expressing ourselves outwardly we learn that an act we initially thought was meant as an insult was actually an act of kindness and care. Lovely post Yvonne! 🙂 ❤

  3. Yvonne, A wonderful post. A dream worth dreaming.
    In you second and thrid paragraphs you open with the words “Imagine a world….”
    Imagine a world where for an instant that every man, woman and child from all walks of life practiced Christ’s two commandments; “Love God with all you heart, mind and soul.” And: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” In that instant, all would truly know heaven. Would mankind then again decide to turn away?

    However, we have a world where no two truly think alike. So, the only alternatives are compromise or conflict. Either way there will be peace-as short lived as it usually is. Long lasting peace will only be found in Christ’s two commandments. So simple to understand, yet so difficult to fulfill.

    • I HEARTily agree with you Alan. We have the power to choose to be compassionate with ourselves and others or not ~ it only serves world peace to find compassion in our hearts for ourselves and others. It is a choice as we both know to enrich understanding of all who roam this planet Earth. To be kind and loving with all is the gift from Heaven which some turn away from which saddens me. I am glad that we have connected and I am grateful for all who love unconditionally (themselves and others). May you have the loveliest day! ♥

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