Grief is a funny thing…

This blog post brought tears to my eyes as it was so raw, so true and so important for us all ~ hold your loved ones close everyday.  Do the right thing and take care of yourself and others.  And please, do not drink and drive.  Thank Lori Lara for sharing your story with us.  Much love to you and C.  I have a best friend since we were 9 and your post hit home for me.  Big hugs to you xo

Shine On!


 Grief is a funny thing….

15 thoughts on “Grief is a funny thing…

  1. You’re such a deep and loving person. Thank you. I appreciate how deeply you connected with me in my sadness. Somehow, in the mystery of vulnerability and compassion, you lightened my load of pain by sharing in it.

    I hope sharing my story of losing my dearest friend will somehow translate into a saved life. Many hugs to you.

  2. Putting the computer away for the night to spend quality time with husband. A sad story and a great reminder to gift our loved ones with love and our presence as the next moment is not guaranteed. Thank you for sharing.

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