Start Your Day Right!


How do you begin your day?  Do you wake up to the clanging of an alarm clock or a pet/spouse/child pestering you?  Do you woodenly trudge to the kitchen to get coffee?  Or do you smile as you pull back the covers and land your feet on the floor?

I’m an early riser myself.  I adore the quiet of the morning for it’s when I get the most done.  My mind is alert (after my coffee of course) and I can feel the possibility of a new day dawning ahead of me.  Sure, there are obligations and responsibilities that I attend during my day, but there are also pockets of time in which I indulge and find the little things that make me smile.  And I smile simply because I am here…now…today…in this very moment…and I am grateful for the gift of today.

For you see, even the roughest of days, I do not regret having and believe me, I have endured many a rough day as I know we all have in our lives.  But it is in surviving those rough days that I can treasure the days in which my heart is happy.  Even in those hard days, I always made sure to find a small moment or two where I could feel my heart no matter if it were sad or glad.  I could remind myself that I am here and be present for myself and my family.

So today, let’s start at the very beginning ~ gratitude for being here, for breathing, for moving, for thinking and reading, for loving, for peace, for joy and for you being you and me being me. ♥

We can begin at any moment, so let’s start now!  You are worth a new beginning!

Shine On!


13 thoughts on “Start Your Day Right!

  1. Thank you for bringing attention to the morning ritual of waking up to the day Yvonne!
    When my eyes open I see if the sun has risen…. and then give myself permission to stay right here right now… tuning into my breath. Recollecting dreams without endings. Just being in this state of in between.
    Its yummy … and then I remember what’s on the calendar … yet still mindfully take my time to have my shower and wash my hands carefully with lavender scented wash.
    Those first 20 minutes is when time slows down and I get grounded for the day.
    Unless I’ve slept in … and I dash to the shower and hope that this will be enough to bring me to my middle ground 🙂

  2. Smiles and gratitude allow the joyful moments to float up. I love this post. Happy New Year to you, I am sending healing love ❤ and may it be a bright one for you. Xx

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