Imagine Christmas Lasting All Year Long!


“My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern,
is very simple: loving others.
Come to think of it,
why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?” 
~ Bob Hope
Bob Hope was wise, don’t you think?  The idea that we can make Christmas last all year long simply by loving others (and ourselves) is the best gift of all!  Why not allow the gift of love to permeate the whole year long in all you do, say and are!
Many people joyously welcome the holiday season of giving with such aplomb, going out of their way to give to others during this time.  However, there are those who fret about our spending and trying to find the perfect gift to give to family, friends and loved ones.  Truly, I know a gift that we can give a gift that is priceless and that doesn’t cost a single dollar.  We can give the gift of love, gratitude and forgiveness.  Imagine receiving such a gift in your life ~ Imagine giving such a gift to others!  What if we were to give that gift of gratitude and love all year long?  Wouldn’t it make every day special?  Wouldn’t it evolve into a year long celebration of love and gratitude?  I can imagine such a world, can’t you?
So this year, let’s try to bring that Christmas spirit of love, peace, laughter and joy to everyone’s hearts and allow it to grow and shine throughout the year!  What a wonderful world this would be!
Shine On!

23 thoughts on “Imagine Christmas Lasting All Year Long!

  1. Great idea! I’m all for it. One year I left my tree up until May. I wanted to share Christmas with our snowbirds. (as in people who left the snowy mountain in winter). It sometimes takes me through January to get Christmas spread out to all. But I give the gift of love all year and since there is nothing to forgive, I just accept what is as kindly and lovingly as I possibly can. I’d like to spread out the gift giving too. I’m always over whelmed but this year especially since it’s been a bit transitional. I personally, would leave my decorations and tree up all year. I like how people are at Christmas and want it to continue.

    • I love that you have it continue for so long! Do you have a real tree or artificial? I would think it may be fun to keep it up all year long and to decorate for other holidays as well. Seems to me it would keep the Christmas spirit going! 🙂 I love Christmas all year long! ♥

      • I had thought about decorating the tree for the seasons as well. I do have a smaller artificial tree that I got at the thrift store my first year here. it’s sparse but worked well in the apartments and now in the small den of my manufactured home. I don’t have to worry about fires and it’s easy for me to manage at my age. So many complain that the commercialism starts so early but I think Christmas all year. I listen to music all year too. I think they are making a space for me at the mental health facility any day now. 🙂

      • Giggle Giggle about the facility ~ I think it’s special that you carry the Christmas Spirit in your heart and through song all year long! How wonderful to remain with that loving heart all year long! I am happy to connect with you as I do the same! ♥

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