Receiving and Giving Gratitude in 10 Minutes


There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude -a quiet joy.

-Ralph H. Blum

Thanksgiving is on its way and I want to share a little something I do that gives me great joy.  I have been taking a few minutes to send a card of gratitude to those precious people in my life for whom I am grateful.  Just a little note which says ‘I am thinking of you’ or ‘thank you for being you’ and sending it off with the touch of the SEND button.

I don’t leave my comfy home nor get out of my pjs to do it.  I simply log onto my computer, go to my site, pick a card or make one with my own photos or elements provided, write my message, click send and voila ~ I send real paper cards through the mail ~ I’ve even sent some delicious brownies and cookies among other fun finds.

The best part is that the cards cost me $.49 for a stamp which is normal and $0.62 for the card.  So for a total of $1.11, I am using my words to spread gratitude!  And yes, it’s that easy. ♥

I know I sound like a commercial, but truly, I adore what I do.  It makes me happy and it delivers happiness when I hear that a friend has received my unexpected card in the mail and is touched by the gesture.  Who doesn’t like to find a treasure in the pile of junk mail and bills?  To just know that someone is thinking of you is such a priceless gift.  I, myself, have been the recipient of many unexpected cards in my life and I can attest to the power of kindness and the amazing accuracy of a well-timed card in helping to raise spirits when you are feeling down.  And even when I wasn’t feeling down, just knowing that someone thought of me enough to write me a note and send it is priceless.

It simply raises up our loving vibrations  ~ for both the giver and the receiver!

In gratitude for your loving energy and support, please feel free to enjoy a card on me.  Just click here!

Shine On!


19 thoughts on “Receiving and Giving Gratitude in 10 Minutes

  1. Been doing this for a couple of years, thanks to you! I just love, love, love being able to say what I actually feel. I especially enjoy making my one heartfelt or funny Christmas card each year. Once it’s designed (pictures and all), I just go to my stored name and addresses for all my friends and family. I took a couple of minutes to update the contact list just a couple days ago so today I will just pick the date I want them mailed and hit “send”! And viola! 100 people will get my personalized card in the mail. Whoo hoo!
    Thank you, Yvonne!

    • I love that you’ve experienced what it can do and you’ve witnessed the power of a card and the system! Thanks for your ‘testimonial’ Bobbi! I can’t wait to get your Christmas card!! I know they are always adorable and personalized with your special stamp of love! ♥♥

  2. I’ve received one of those cards and can attest to how special it makes the receiver feel, Yvonne. I love how you spread your light and SHINE ON in a way that is genuine for you. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for sharing. I looked at both videos. I regularly send out cards to friends; because most of my friends are not connected to social media. The ability to create my own personalized cards to send sounds enticing. Again thankful, ever grateful.

  4. I just finally had a moment to read this. Very timely as I received a call from a friend I haven’t seen in 4 years thanking me for the Thanksgiving card I mailed her. She doesn’t get out unaided anymore and rarely goes on the computer since a stroke. A few dollars for a card and stamp, made someone happy. How wonderful is that. I know several that I send “real” cards to and the response is overwhelming. I still do the online thing to those who enjoy the connection. A simple act with so much reward. I love any excuse to send a card, paper or virtual. I think we are a dying breed. I spend everyday and moment GRATEFUL! It’s a grand life. I’m going to go look at your cards now. 🙂

    • Please let me know if you need anything. When you log on, you can get 2 free cards and stamps for US postal mail. Enjoy the gift from me and pass along the beauty of sending a card and making someone’s day special. It’s so important even if it is a dying tradition. ♥

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