Behind the Closed Door


“When one door closes another door opens;

but we so often look so long and so regretfully

upon the closed door,

that we do not see the ones which open for us.”

~ Inventor, Alexander Graham Bell

This is an oldie, but a goodie.  In my own life, I’ve found this to be true.  We become blind to what other avenues are available to us when we continue to only focus on the closed door.  We must open our eyes to entire rooms of possibility instead of keeping our focus on only what we see.  To view life spherically instead of linearly with blinders on, only focusing on what we see directly in front of us does not serve us.

It is a practice to live spherically and not linearly.  I applaud those who are so focused ~ that they can only see what is ahead of them and complete the task.  Bravo to you!  I, myself, am more spherical in my views, thinking and focus.  Yes, I see what is ahead, but I can also swivel my mind in all directions, taking in other people, places and thoughts as I take baby steps on my path.  This way, I can focus on the path, but also on what surrounds me while I am living.  This helps me to see how my words and actions affect myself and others and to find kindness and love in my heart instead of anger and resentment.  I can release what doesn’t serve me in my life and have the courage to know that I am enough even when I feel less than at times.

I do not fear the closed door anymore.  I release my hand on the knob and walk away quietly without disturbing the room’s occupants.  It is ok for me to allow this door to be shut as I would not force a door open which does not release the lock voluntarily.  I scan the room and see a window ajar, a sweet breeze of loving light scented air fills the room and I can breathe.  Ahh, it is a marvelous feeling!

Look around dear friends at your life and spy the window or door ajar!  Welcome the sweet breeze of loving life force and let it surround you now.  Go forth and be open to change, to uplifting light and love in your life.  You deserve it!  Swivel your head and see your path spherically!

Shine On!


33 thoughts on “Behind the Closed Door

  1. I don’t think any of us like a closed door Yvonne, and yet when I accept that, I find there is always an better option and a greater plan for me to go to next. A wonderful reminder to us all. Thankyou

  2. Simply stunning and amazing in depth and substance! I like the idea of being a bobblehead or swivelhead so that we can see something other than the path right in front of us. Love and hugs, N 🙂 ❤

  3. I like this take on it. I don’t care for closed doors. I like to keep doors ajar. Even the doors I turned my back on. I might never go though that door again, but if I leave it ajar, there is possibility there for mending, healing, a new way to be through that door. Lots of food for thought here. Thank you.

  4. Love the notion of living spherically. Since we now live so close to the equator and Sara is starting a magazine called “Zero”–for Zero Latitude, I think about the equator being an image for that kind of thinking, since here, the hemispheres meet, and the earth’s circle is complete, in a number of ways.

    I’m trying to get my butt back in the saddle. I did manage to post something a month ago, but have been busy teaching workshops, looking at self-hosting my blog and writing my memoir (yes, I’ve been doing that), but I will make an effort to get something new out this week, including photos of our new home.

    Sorry to have been away for SO damn long!.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Kathy, so happy to hear from you! How amazing ~ love the Zero magazine idea! Woo Hoo! Sounds exciting and I can’t wait to see it come to fruition! I love that you’ve been working on your memoir. Keep up the great work my friend and I look forward to seeing your smiling face! xo

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